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Mga Anak-Bukid is one of Rosauro Almario's anti-colonial novels. It was published in 1911, during the early American Occupation. It is the story of two lovers whose faithfulness to each other triumphs over an unfortunate event.

Rosauro Almario was also a newspaper journalist. His portrayal of the novels' villain, George, captures succinctly the possible product of the American Colonial Administration's designs: future generations of Filipinos who idolize America as epitome for values and views, at the expense of their being Filipinos.


Juli and Tonyo are farmers who are engaged to be married. An obstacle to the couples peace comes along, however, in George. Being one of the first pensionados-- Filipinos who were sent to the US to study (see Pensionado Act)-- George comes back a convert to the American culture. He ridicules the traditional and rural practices and values of the Filipinos in his column "Mga Anak-Bukid." Despite this, he falls in love with Juli and woos her. Juli rejects him outright so George retaliates by raping her. Tonyo, loyal to Juli despite what happened, insists that the marriage push through. He avenges his beloved's honor and dignity and kills George. The lovers escape into the mountains, knowing that justice is beyond their reach in the society they live in.

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