May Day Eve

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May Day Eve is a story by Nick Joaquin set at the turn of the century. It tells lyrically of the relationship between a couple that revolves around a superstition that a person could see one's future husband or wife in a mirror on May Day Eve.


Hearing the story of the superstition from an old woman on May Day Eve a lovely young girl, Agueda, decides to test it despite the warning that she might see, instead of her future husband, the devil. She peers in a mirror in a darkened room and sees the reflection of a young man--the drunken Badoy Montiya. Badly startled and embarrassed, she lashes out at him. Montiya is at once furious and fascinated with her.

The couple, after their marriage, each remember the incident at different stages in their lives as they find their daughter and their grandson also peering into mirrors. The grandson's attempt at the ritual using the same mirror Agueda peered in shows how enduring the superstition was, more enduring than Montiya's love and the couple's difficult relationship.

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