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Maskarado is a Pinoy superhero komiks character created by Reno Maniquis.

Maskarado started as a comic strip for Tempo newspaper in 1992. It ran for six months and got restarted as an indie komiks publication in 2000.

The Origins of Maskarado

The original Maskarado was Senior Police Inspector CARLO MIRANDA, who was shot by criminals leaving a murder scene. On the brink of death, he was transported to a spaceship and given treatment by the alien known only as ORIMAR, who bequeathed to him a mask possessing extraordinary powers.

When Carlo donned the mask, he became adept at virtually all known forms of combat, had limited invulnerability, above average stength, and the power of flight.

Maskarado: A Pinoy Superhero

Carlo Miranda became the superhero known as MASKARADO, and had several adventures. When an encounter with an other-dimensional being known as ENERGON left an innocent bystander trying to protect Maskarado dead, his conscience weighed heavily upon him. He decided to give up the mask, but was soon called back into action one last time to fight the demon ETRIGAZAR, who intended to conquer Earth. After defeating Etrigazar, Carlo retired the mask for good and settled down to have a family.

The mask stayed in Orimar's possession for quite some time, until he bequeathed it to a worthy successor, who came in the person of Raymond Pacheco. Raymond was walking home from work one night when a speeding car was about to run down a little girl. Pushing the girl out of the way, he was transported to Orimar's spaceship just as the car was about to hit him. Orimar found him worthy enough to be the next Maskarado. He continues the good fight to this day.



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