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Template:Infobox person Martin Roll (born 2 March 1967[1]) is a Danish[2] author, brand strategist[3] and management consultant.[4][5] Roll appears regularly in global television and print media.[6][7][8][9][2][10][11][1][12] He holds an MBA from INSEAD where he is a Distinguished Fellow[3][13] and an Entrepreneur in Residence.[3] Roll's first book, Asian Brand Strategy, was named one of the "Best Business Books: Marketing" in 2006 by Strategy+Business.[14] He is the founder CEO of Martin Roll Company, an advisory firm based in Singapore.[15] He advises Fortune 500 companies,[1] Asian firms, family-owned businesses[16] and also served as a senior advisor to McKinsey & Company.[3][1]

Early life & education

Martin Roll received a Bachelor's degree in Business and Marketing Management from Copenhagen Business School in 1989. He attended Young Managers Program in 1998 and completed his MBA from INSEAD in 1999.[1]


After completing his bachelor's degree in 1989, he worked in marketing and advertising firms including Bates and DDB Worldwide, handling global accounts like Ericsson and McDonald's.[1]

In 2000, he took on the role as Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) with a Danish tech company, whose regional headquarters was in Singapore. Martin Roll founded his own management consulting business in 2002 aimed at helping companies to build their global brands.[1] He advises Fortune 500 companies,[1] Asian firms and family-owned businesses[16] on strategy, leadership, branding and marketing.

Roll was appointed as Senior Adviser to the global public relations firm, Burson-Marsteller in December 2011.[17]

In October 2017, he was appointed as Senior Advisor at Singapore based venture capital firm, Cocoon Capital.[8] He is an Associate Fellow with the Institute on Asian Consumer Insight (ACI).[18] Martin Roll was appointed Senior Advisor to freelance-based agency Superson in March 2019.[19]

Roll has served as Senior Advisor at McKinsey & Company.[1]


In 2005, Martin authored his first book Asian Brand Strategy: How Asia Builds Strong Brands, published by Palgrave Macmillan. Asian Brand Strategy is regarded as one of the best books written on Asian branding strategy[20][1][21] and was rated a top global marketing book of 2006 by Strategy+Business.[14]

Professor John Quelch at Harvard Business School called it, "An important handbook for Asian executives aspiring to build strong brands. It provides a solid foundation for future success in the global marketplace."[1]

The Daily Telegraph in its book review wrote, "In Asian Brand Strategy, he [Martin] sets out 10 ways to create an Asian brand in a marketplace that in the past has often dismissed image as unimportant."[22]

In a review of the book, Dominic Barton from McKinsey & Company said, "Martin Roll provides a compelling and practical roadmap on how to do this based on his extensive experience advising Asian corporations."[1]

Martin Roll co-authored the book, The Future of Branding in 2016 together with a team of global business and marketing academics including Kevin Lane Keller, Don E. Schultz and Rajendra K. Srivastava.[23]

Martin Roll is a business columnist with Harvard Business Review[24] and INSEAD Knowledge.[10]

Public speaking

Martin Roll is a frequent keynote speaker and EMCEE at international conferences on business and brand strategy with a focus on Asian brands, global strategy and leadership.[25][26] He has spoken at business events like Thinkers50,[27] Women's Forum for the Economy and Society, Arab Luxury World,[28] TEDx,[29] World Knowledge Forum,[30] The Harvard Project for Asian and International Relations (HPAIR),[31] Strategy Summit[16] and Global Leaders Summit,[32] PowerBrands Glam Las Vegas.[33]


Roll teaches MBA, EMBA and Executive Education programmes at Nanyang Business School.[8] He also lectures at INSEAD,[34] CEIBS and ESSEC.[17]


Personal life

He is a Danish citizen[1] and a Permanent resident of Singapore. He currently splits his time between Copenhagen and Singapore.[15] In an interview with China Daily, Roll said he spent about 250 days a year travelling globally on client engagements and keynote speeches.[1]


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