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Marcial Ravelo, better known as Mars Ravelo (9 October 1916- 12 September 1988), is one of the most successful Filipino komiks novelists in the Philippines. At the peak of his career as "the King of Komiks" from the 1950s to the 1970s, Mars produced over a hundred works, catapulting him as the one of the most loved Filipino komiks writers of all time.

Early career

Ravelo was born in Tanza, Cavite. He started out drifting from one menial job to another, having been unable to finish schooling due to financial reasons. He once worked as a janitor.

Ravelo had an innate talent for writing and drawing even at his young age. At the age of 23, he landed a job as a cartoonist for the Mabuhay Extra, a Tagalog weekly news magazine. The job did not last though as war broke out in 1941.

During the war, Ravelo struggled to survive by doing menial jobs in Manila. He returned to being a janitor. After the war, he tried his luck in writing and drawing cartoons, coming out with "Ipe" comic strip in 1947, which was serialized in Pilipino Komiks.

He also tried to do some serious stories but was rejected by then Ace Publications' editor Clodualdo del Mundo, who said that his stories were not yet good enough. He was later recruited by Dona Bating Guballa, owner-publisher of Bulaklak Publications, to draw cartoons for Bulaklak Magazine. "For this magazine, Ravelo created some of his early cartoons, including "Rita Kasinghot and "Varga," the forerunner of Darna. He became a hot property of Bulaklak, and his cartoons became very popular. The once meager print runs of Bulaklak multiplied immensely.

Ravelo, however, was still lured by the komiks-magazine, something that Bulaklak did not have yet at that time (Bulaklak issued its first komiks only in the early 1950s), and so he went back to Ace Publications, where his career really took off.

The King of Komiks

During his stay at Ace Publications, Ravelo proved that he was among the best komiks writers in the Philippines. All his serials were loved by komiks readers, such as "Buhay Pilipino" in Liwayway, and serial novels like Darna, Bondying, Roberta, Jack and Jill, and later, Captain Barbell, Maruja, Lastikman, Goomboo Roomboo, and hundreds of others.

Between 1950s to 1970s, he earned the unofficial title "the King of Komiks," a feat oftentimes only contested by fans of his contemporaries, Francisco V. Coching and Clodualdo del Mundo.

In later years, Mars formed his own komiks publishing company, RAR publications. He eventually retired from the komiks industry due to illness.

In 1984, he received a Lifetime Achievement Award from the Komiks Operation Brotherhood KOMOPEB in recognition of his immense contribution to the komiks industry. His co-awardees were Tony Velasquez, Francisco V. Coching, Jose Zabala-Santos, Larry Alcala, Francisco Reyes, and J.M. Perez.

In the mid-1980s, Mars returned to the komiks scene with a remake of his successful Goomboo Roomboo.

In 1987 he suffered a stroke, and he died a year later. He was buried in his native town of Tanza, Cavite. His legacy was more than 500 works of popular komiks novels, a true monument of his immense achievement.


  • Ako’y Nauuhaw
  • Ako’y Tao…May Dugo at Laman
  • Alicia Alonzo
  • Alipin ng Busabos
  • Alyas James Bond-ying
  • Anak ni Dyesebel
  • Ang Biyenan Kong Amerikana
  • Ang Pinasulabi
  • Angelito
  • Baby Bubut
  • Balahibong Nangangalisag
  • Bartola (Ang Mangangatay)
  • Basahang Ginto
  • Bata Batuta
  • Berdugo ng mga Anghel
  • Bitter Sweet (Ang Pait at ang Tamis)
  • Biyenang Hindi Tumawa
  • Bobby
  • Boksingera
  • Bondying
  • Booma
  • Boyoyoi
  • Buhay Pilipino
  • Bwana Hai
  • Captain Barbell
  • Captain Barbell Kontra Kapitan Bakal
  • Captain Barbell Versus Flash Fifita
  • Cumbanchera
  • Dalaginding na si Tessie
  • Darna
  • Darna at Ang Babaing Lawin
  • Darna at Ang Babaing Linta
  • Darna at Ang Babaing Tuod
  • Darna at Ang Impakta
  • Devil Pig
  • Diyosa, Queen of the Dancing Waters
  • Dobol Trobol
  • Dragonna
  • Dugo sa Mukha ng Buwan
  • Dyangga
  • Dyesebel
  • Elepanta
  • Eternally
  • Facifica Falayfay
  • Flash Bomba
  • Galo Gimbal
  • Ganid, The Last Man on Earth
  • Ging
  • Gog
  • Goomba
  • Goomboo Roomboo
  • Goro
  • Goyo
  • Gringgo
  • Gumuhong Daigdig
  • Haydee (The Brown Girl & The White Idol)
  • Higantina, Da Big Byuti
  • Hootsy-Kootsy
  • Hudas sa Hudas
  • I Believe
  • Iniluha Ko’y Dugo
  • Inspirasyon
  • Ito Ba Ang Aking Ina?
  • Jack and Jill
  • Jesus Iscariote
  • Jinkee
  • Jungle Boy
  • Kamay ni Bruldo
  • Kapitan Boom
  • Kiko
  • Kitikiti
  • Kontra Partido
  • Kwatang (A Star is Born)
  • Lastikman
  • Little Lucy
  • Magic Guitar
  • Magic Makinilya
  • Mambo-Dyambo
  • Mariposa
  • Maruja
  • Miss Tilapia
  • Mowmoo
  • Nakangiting Halimaw
  • Ngitnit ng Pitong Whistle Bomb
  • Pomposa
  • Prinsesa Gusgusin
  • Raul Roldan
  • Rita
  • Rebecca
  • Roberta
  • Rodora
  • Rosa Rossini
  • Rowena
  • Rubi-Rosa
  • Selosang-Selosa
  • Si Gorio at si Tekla
  • Silveria, Ang Kabayong Daldalera
  • Sindak!
  • Suicide Susy
  • Taong Tuod
  • Teksas, Ang Manok na Nagsasalita
  • Three Sisters
  • Thunderstar
  • Tiny Tony
  • Torpe (Inferiority Complex)
  • Trudis Liit
  • Tubog sa Ginto
  • Tumbando Cana
  • Varga
  • Via Dolorosa
  • Vicky
  • Zorina

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