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Maria Victoria Carpio-Bernido (17 November 1961-6 January 2022) was an educator and physicist. She was a 2010 Ramon Magsaysay Awardee for having developed an innovative approach to teaching students physics in remote areas using technology. Her specializations include quantum mechanics, stochastic processes, and Feynman path integrals.


She finished her Bachelor of Science in Physics degree at the University of the Philippines (UP) Diliman in 1982 and her Master’s Degree in Physics and Doctorate Degree in Theoretical Physics at the State University of New York Albany in 1986 and 1989.


She and her husband Christopher, also a physicist and educator, used the formula “Patriotism + Passion for Science + Greatness of Spirit” and made physics more interesting for young students in rural areas. Their names appeared as authors in the Journal of Mathematical Physics and other international journals. They received 2010 Ramon Magsaysay Award for contributing to both science and nation, ensuring innovative, low-cost and effective basic education under Philippine conditions of scarcity and poverty.

They used to be part of UP’s National Institute of Physics faculty and have been credited as “outstanding teachers” when they resigned in 1999. They then returned to Christopher’s native Jagna in Bohol and set up Central Visayas Institute Foundation (CVIF) with two arms: Research Center for Theoretical Physics, serving Visayas and Mindanao; and Central Visayas Institute Foundation High School.

In 2002, they introduced CVIF Dynamic Learning Program, a revolutionary way of teaching science and nonscience subjects. The program uses a “parallel classes scheme” in which three simultaneous classes are handled by one expert teacher with the help of facilitators.

In 2006, they designed the “Learning Physics as One Nation,” a project to address the problem of shortage of qualified physics teachers.

Recent publications

  • Bernido, C.C. and Carpio-Bernido, M.V. “Transition Probabilities for Processes with Memory on Topological Non-trivial Spaces” in Stochastic and Infinite Dimensional Analysis (Birkhäuser, Switzerland, 2016) 39-49.
  • Bernido, C.C. and Carpio-Bernido, M.V. “Stochastic Path Summation with Memory,” International Journal of Modern Physics: Conference Series 36 (2015) 1560006.
  • Bernido, C.C. and Carpio-Bernido, M.V. “White Noise Analysis: Some Applications in Complex Systems, Biophysics and Quantum Mechanics,” International Journal of Modern Physics, B26 (2012) 1230014.
  • Bacabac, R.G., Ayade, H., Villaruz, L., Carpio-Bernido, M.V., Bernido, C., Otadoy, R. “Characterizing Strains and Twists in a Stretched Helix with Optical Tweezers,” Journal of Biomechanics 45 (2012) S75.


On 6 January 2022, she succumbed to metastatic colon cancer at St. Luke’s Medical Center in Taguig, where she had been confined since November 2021.

She had been cancer-free for almost a year after undergoing a surgery in March 2020 and rounds of chemotherapy. Her cancer was found to have metastasized in July 2021. She was advised to have more rounds of chemotherapy. She became critically ill when she was about to have her seventh chemotherapy session and had been in the hospital since the end of November 2021.

The Department of Education (DepEd) said in a statement. “Her passing is a major loss to Philippine education, and we are one with the education community in remembering her legacy.”




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