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The Malauegs are the indigenous people concentrated found in Rizal, Cagayan. Physically, Malauegs have dark complexion, of medium height and with big body built. They are known to be quiet, humble, modest, and loyal people. Like other indigenous groups, agriculture and fishing serves their main economic activities.

Malauegs are monogamous and still practice the old customs in their way of courtship and marriage. If the courtship becomes serious enough to give marriage a thought, they call this saripit. With respect to dowry, as still observed, the amount has to be valuable enough to the parents of the woman. Giving birth for a Malaueg mother is also replete with ritual practices. Upon birth, the child will be wrapped in a clean cloth and placed in a biga-o, thereafter, it will be pushed towards the door and then the child will be given a name. Afterwards, the child will be laid beside the mother who is then is given ampalaya leaf extracts so that the blood sucked inside the mothers womb is spewed.



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