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Makeready: A Prepress Resource a Dan Margulis book that presents practical how-to on a number of graphic topics. An updated selection from the author's column in the magazine Computer Artist. Published by MIS Press books in 1996.

About the Book

Makeready is the process of preparing print matter for the press, and Makeready: A Prepress Resource is the book that prepares professionals for the process. Prepress, printing, and desktop publishing professionals will find the information they need to bring a new level of excellence and efficiency to their work. Readers will explore concepts ranging from the basics - such as what makes an image appealing - to the complexities of color correction in L*a*b*. Extensively illustrated in color throughout, this book adds visual clarification to the most difficult problems that professionals face.

Prepress guru Dan Margulis tackles some of today's most vexing technical problems with informal, witty, and easy-to-understand language. Written not so much for the expert as for the user who wants expert quality, this book defines technical jargon, features correspondence between the author and the readers on a wide variety of prepress topics, and describes the most current technological advances. Makeready: A Prepress Resource is an indispensable tool for unlocking the intricacies of the prepress process.


  • The L*a*b* colorspace in retouching and correction
  • Foolproof improvement of Photo CD images
  • Compensating for dot gain and other printing anomalies
  • Ensuring the best conversion from RGB to CMYK in Photoshop
  • The royalty-free revolution and how it affects photographers
  • The distinguishing features of 1990s typography
  • Overcoming the fear of curves in color correction


Margulis, Dan. Makeready: A Prepress Resource. New York: MIS: Press Book, 1996.



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