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Makamisa is an unfinished novel by Jose Rizal, begun in Tagalog and continued in Spanish. It was is a sequel to Noli Me Tangere and El Filibusterismo. The Spanish drafts of Makamisa were discovered by Ambeth Ocampo in 1987 while he was going through a 245-page collection of papers mistakenly labeled Borrador del Noli Me Tangere (Draft of Noli Me Tangere). Ocampo translated the Spanish and Tagalog drafts that he found and edited them to form a clear narrative, which is included in his book Makamisa: The Search for Rizal's Third Novel (Anvil, 1992).

The novel revives the character Isagani from El Filibusterismo. Like the previous two novels, Makamisa deals with problems of the Filipinos at that time, such as corrupt friars. Too little of the novel has been found, however, to ascertain what plot Rizal intended.

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  • Ocampo, Ambeth. Makamisa: The Search for Rizal's Third Novel. Manila: Anvil, 1992.

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