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Maria Angelita Ressa (born October 2, 1963) is a Filipino-American journalist and author, the co-founder and CEO of Rappler, and the first Filipino (individually) to win a Nobel Peace Prize. She previously spent nearly two decades working as a lead investigative reporter in Southeast Asia for CNN. Ressa was included in Time magazine's "Person of the Year 2018" as one of a collection of journalists from around the world combating fake news. She is one of the 25 leading figures on the Information and Democracy Commission launched by Reporters Without Borders.

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"It is only seven months until the next election! Campaign posters and banners are starting to fill the streets while candidates' advertisements are beginning to rule commercial breaks. Every now and then, I see presidential wannabes discussing their stands on different events and issues faced by the country. It inspires me. I remember telling my teacher that I wanted to be a president. I know I'm still young, but I'm just curious: What are the qualifications to run for president? -Louise


It's always good to hear that the youth wants to give their best for the country. Indeed, as Jose Rizal said, "you (the youth) are the hope of the future." The qualifications for president are contained in our constitution. To run for the top post, one must be a natural born citizen of the Philippines; a registered voter; able to read and write; at least 40 years of age on the day of election; and a resident of the Philippines for at least 10 years preceding the election. Study hard, be a good citizen and example to your friends, and be a good follower to be a good leader. Good luck with your dreams. Hope to see you grow as a leader with a heart for our people. -Mindy

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The Bagobo were the first ethnic group in Mindanao encountered by the Spaniards at the end of the nineteenth century. Its name was derived from the words "bago" meaning "new' and "obo/obbo/uvu" meaning "growth",or "grow" which refer to a recent formation of people along the Davao Gulf coast. They are a proud people with proto-Malayan features. They have light brown complexion, brown or brownish black wavy to curly hair, dark and widely set eyes, ridge broad nose and full, rounded lips.

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  • October 20, 1944 – Allied forces under Douglas MacArthur's command landed at Leyte Island , fulfilling MacArthur's vow to return to the Philippines. They consolidated their hold on the archipelago in the Battle of Luzon after heavy fighting, and despite a massive Japanese naval counterattack in the Battle of Leyte Gulf. With the reconquest of the islands, MacArthur moved his headquarters to Manila, to plan the invasion of Japan in late 1945.
  • October 20, 1894Andres Bonifacio presided over a meeting of directors of the Katipunan. Treasurer Feliciano Jocson presented him a record of the collections forwarded by the representative-directors of the Katipunan Supreme Council then headed by Ramon Basa.

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Artemio Ricarte was a native of Batac, Ilocos Norte. He was a teacher and a revolutionary general. He was the son of Faustino Ricarte and Bonifacia Garcia. His finished his early education at his hometown. He later studied at the Colegio de San Juan de Letran where he earned a degree on arts. He also studied at the University of Santo Tomas and Normal School to prepare for a teaching profession. After earning a diploma, he taught at San Francisco de Malabon now known as General Trias, Cavite.

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