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Magat Salamat (b. 1550 - d. 1595) was one of the sons of Lakandula. He was the Muslim Chief of Tondo, before the Spaniards came to Manila. He was one of the participants of the Tondo Conspiracy which was discovered by the Spaniards.


Magat was only a little boy when the Spaniards came and conquered Manila. He saw how they burned their houses when his father led a resistance against the Spaniards. This was remembered until he was capable of avenging. Magat Salamat is the son of Lakandula. He continued his father's work against the Spaniards but sadly he was killed by his friend. It happened on 1587-1588 in Central Luzon.

First Attempt

His hatred grew to such intensity that he formed a secret society in Tondo to overthrow the invaders. Magat in cooperation with two other principals of Tondo and his cousins, and two gobernadorcillo, Don Agustin de Legaspi and Martin Panga. There were other chieftains who wanted to join them and were willing to give up their property for the purpose. In 1587, they recruited Juan Gayo a Japanese adventurer through an interpreter named Dionisio Fernandez. The plotters met in the house of Legaspi, composed of Magat Salamat, Agustin Manuguit, Felipe Salalila and Geronimo Bassi. They told Gayo to return with weapons and recruit Japanese soldiers in Japan, and all his recruited soldiers will be rewarded with half of the tributes to be collected from the natives after their succesfull conquer of the Spaniards. Before Gayo leave, he gave Magat several weapons to be used by his men. Magat was so happy with the agreement that another meeting took place, which lasted for three days and was called in Tabobong. It was attended by the chiefs of Pandacan, Tondo, Candaba, Polo, Catangalan, Navotas with other Indian timaguas, servant and allies. They were all briefed to the political condition of the country. All them agreed to the proposal and plans of Magat. By 1588, its been several months but still no words from Gayo, news that the galleon Santa Ana was captured in February.


Esteban Taes and Martin Panga agreed to call another meeting. Taes was to summon the chiefs from Tondo and Bulacan while Panga was to call chiefs from Cavite, Malolos and Guguinto. And to gather people from the province of Laguna (La Laguna) and Batangas (Komintang). All would meet in Tondo and launch an attack. All the conspirators agreed that Magat would be sent to Calamianes to invite the Bornean Sultan to send a fleet that would join the Sulus and to launch an attack to Manila from the sea in conjuction with the Filipino chiefs assult on land.

In November 1588, Magat was in Calamianes with Don Agustin Manungit and Juan Banal. They met with the paincipals of the island of Cuyo, Sumaclob pledged to help in their plans and would give 2000 warriors. Before Magat and his men could launch an offensive, a traitor disclosed their plot to the authorities and leading to the arrest of Magat. All of them were captured and was put on trial, 32 of them were proven guilty of treason and rebellion. Magat and seven others were hanged to death while the rest were put into exile in Mexico.


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