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The Magahats refers to the shifting cultivators in the mountainous areas of Southeastern Negros. Often called Corolanos or Bukidnon of Panay, Magahats are described the swidden population living in scattered groups in the municipality of Tanjas, Santa Catalina, Bayawan (Tolong) and Siaton.

The Magahats' major means of subsistence are food gathering, swidden agriculture and animal hunting. They harvest main crops such as mountain rice, maize, manioc, and sweet potato. Gathering fruits, vegetables and rootcrops have become their main food resource. While gathering is considered a regular activity, hunting wild pigs, birds and bats was seen as one of their important and leisure activities,the most popular game of men.

Physically, Magahats are predominantly Indonesian (Proto-Malay). Their language is a mixture of Subuhanons and Hiligaynon, both lowland Christian Filipino languages. Most of their customs and traditions can be identified with traditional practices of the Sulod, an ethnic group of Panay.




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