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Mactan Shrine, also known as Liberty Shrine, is a memorial park on the island of Mactan in Lapu-Lapu City, Cebu, Philippines. It hosts two monuments: the Magellan Monument, which is dedicated to Portuguese explorer Ferdinand Magellan; and the Lapulapu Monument, a bronze statue which commemorates Lapulapu, a native leader who defeated Spanish soldiers led by Magellan in the 1521 Battle of Mactan.


See also: Battle of Mactan The Mactan Shrine in Lapu-Lapu City, Cebu was established in 1969 as national shrine through Republic Act No. 5695 during the administration of President Ferdinand Marcos. The site is believed to be the approximate location of the historic Battle of Mactan which saw the defeat of the Spaniards led by explorer Ferdinand Magellan against Lapulapu and his forces.[1] The legislation included the Magellan Monument a structure which was erected back in the Spanish colonial era in 1866.[2] Republic Act No. 5695 also mandated for a monument for Lapulapu, who is regarded as hero for his role in the historic battle in 1521 as well as the erection of a Liberty House, a facility which would exhibit memorabilia showcasing the Philippines' history prior to the arrival of the Spanish.[1] In 1980, a bronze statue depicting Lapulapu was erected within the shrine.[3]

In National Historical Commission of the Philippines (NHCP) announced that it would improve the Mactan Shrine in 2019. Reports of plans for the Lapulapu statue received negative reception but the NHCP gave an assurance that the statue won't be relocated.[4][5] The following year, the National Historical Commission of the Philippines (NHCP) as part of the National Quincentennial Committee which was formed to commemorate the 500 anniversary of the Battle of Mactan unveiled a design for a new Lapu-Lapu Shrine which and launched a design competition for a new Lapulapu monument which will serve as a centerpiece of the structure.[6][7] The NHCP also launched a bidding in relation to the restoration of the Magellan Shrine.[8]

Starting January 17, 2021, the mast at the shrine will permanently hoist the Philippine flag.[9]


  • Lapulapu Monument – A bronze statue depicting noted native leader, Lapulapu[4]
  • Magellan Monument – A stone obelisk built in 1866 dedicated to explorer Ferdinand Magellan who is noted for leading the majority of the first circumnavigation of the Earth.

Future monument and museum

The Lapulapu Memorial Shrine and Museum is a proposed structure to built inside the Mactan Shrine.[7] The structure will be built on the shore adjacent to the Mactan Shrine.[5] A new Lapulapu monument will be built inside the structure with the winning entry of a design competition to be used a basis for the monument's design.[10] The existing Lapu-Lapu statue will be kept intact.[5] The groundbreaking is scheduled to take place on April 27, 2021.[11]