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Lydia Madarang-Gaston is a dancer, teacher and choreographer. She was born on 8 August 1936 in Manila to Jose Madarang and Consuelo Llaguno. She is married to Victor Gaston and is the mother of Lydlyd and Nicole Gaston.

She trained for ballet with Remedios De Oteyza at the age of nine until the study of ballet was banned by the Papal Nuncio and the Catholic School. She obtained a Bachelor of Science degree in Education from Maryknoll (now Miriam) College. She then went to the United States for graduate studies and further dance training at the school of Ballet Russo de Monte Carlo and Ballet Arts Studio. She also studied modern dance with Martha Graham and Drid Williams.

She later returned to Manila where she continued her modern dance training with Alice Reyes. She then danced with the De Oteyza Ballet and in Paul Szilard's production. She set up the LMG School of Ballet in Bacolod where she taught.

In 1968, she joined Dance Theater Philippines where she performed occasionally due to her school responsibilities. In the 1980s, she went back to the United States where she taught in various institutions such as Baltimore Ballet School, Mount Vernon Dance School, and John Hopkins University's Peabody Preparatory School.


  • Buntot Pagi (Stingray)
  • Tree of Life
  • Halad (Offering)
  • Anak-Bulan (Moon Child) (1978)
  • Etude (1989)


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