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Prof. Lourdes L. Garcia, In recognition of her significant researches on the Isolation and identification of the chemical constituents of Philippine plant drugs, activities which she has perseveringly pursued since 1953 at the Medical Research Center, National Institute of Science and Technology, later, the Standards and Testing Division of the Industrial and Technological Development Institute of the Department of Science and Technology. She has also served as an analyst of pharmaceutical products and plant drugs in the same agencies of government.

The result of her studies are recorded in scientific and technical papers published in reputable journals. She has coauthored two Handbooks on Signs of Toxicity and Lethal Dose of Some Medicinal Plants.

In her phytochemical investigation on Philippine medicinal plants at the DOST, she involved younger pharmaceutical scientists. With her retirement as Supervising Science Research Specialist in 1990, her researches are assured of continuity by her colleagues who had the opportunity to work with her.




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