Lost Candy of the Philippines

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This Philippine Candy article retrieves from our collective memory the favorite candies of past. These delectable pleasures have slowly or suddenly disappeared.

1. Chivarly Pusit known for its chewy rubbery texture, it stank like hell, and messed up your face with its brown slimy goo, but what a taste!

2. Magnolia Ice Cream Sandwich was sold in a nylon net and featured crunchy waffles enclosing a layer of vanilla ice cream. It used to ruin many a fine shirt.

3. Pom-poms sold in a white box featuring balls of chocolate-covered caramel candy. Your teeth ended up being gooped up.

4. Sugus was our idea of Frutella. Until Frutella came along.

5. SERG'S chocolate was the drool factor, before Goya came along.

6. Señorita candy balls. These were really hard, but being coated with confectioner's sugar, they were very easy to take. Usually sold in a garapon. You got your hands messed up and Mama scolded you.

7. Mango Bango was pinipig-encrusted mango ice cream on a stick. This was sold by Magnolia Ice Cream.

8. Sugar Daddy was a long stick of caramel, this good for chewing and sucking on.

9. White Rabbit Candy was a chewy toffee delight, something which got your fillings messed up. The rabbit was always fascinating. Why was he on a color palette?

10 Butter Ball was a candy which has a butter flavor.

11.Caramel Candy a candy that resembles a tofee but it is much harder.

12. Tira-tira was a long bar of sticky nougat colored dark ocher, like a soft chewy turron. It was normally sold in sari-sari stores and school cafeterias.

13. Chocobot a competitor of the hugely popular Choc Nut, it did not survive the competition.

14. Storck the Philippines' ultimate menthol candy was a staple among street cigarrete vendors. It was succeeded by Star candy.