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The Lifetime Achievement Awards: A Salute to Women in the Arts and Heritage Preservation was launched by President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo on July 7, 2005. Its purpose to celebrate women's outstanding achievements in the arts and culture. It was part of the celebration of the Centennial Year of the Feminist Movement of the Philippines.

The award is officially known as PAMA-AS: Gintong Bai Award (Thank you to Outstanding Women Leaders). The PAMA-AS Award is an initiative of the Office of the PA on Culture (OPAC) and the National Commission for Culture and the Arts (NCCA) honoring very eminent Filipinas 65 years old and above, many of whom are already in their senior years.

According to NCCA Executive Director Cecile Guidote Alvarez the award is an expression of the nation¹s appreciation for the women's services to the Filipino people in the various disciplines of media and broadcast arts, cinema, dance, literature, music, theatre, visual arts, cultural heritage conservation, and promotion of the Filipino language.

Among those honored were:

1. Fidela "Tia Dely" Mendoza Magpayo (Media and Broadcast Arts)

2. Anita Linda (Cinema)

3. Mona Lisa (Cinema)

4. Gloria Romero (Cinema)

5. Paz Cielo Belmonte (Dance)

6. Corazon Iñigo (Dance)

7. Gilda Cordero Fernando (Literature)

8. Genoveva Edrosa-Matute (Literature)

9 Rosalinda L. Orosa (Literature)

10. Azucena Grajo-Uranza (Literature)

11. Fides Santos Cuyugan-Asencio

12. Ernestina O. Crisologo (Music)

13. Carmencita Lozada (Music)

14. Amelia Lapeña-Bonifacio (Theater)

15. Rustica C. Carpio (Theater)

16. Natividad Crame-Rogers (Theater)

17. Rosario L. Bitanga (Visual Arts)

18. Araceli Limcaoco-Dans (Visual Arts)

19. Anita Magsaysay-Ho (Visual Arts)

20. Sonia Santiago-Olivares (Visual Arts-Interior Design)

21. Isabel Santos (Visual Arts-Costume Design)

22. Sister Delia Coronel (Promotion of Intangible Heritage-Darangan Literature)

23. Esperanza Gatbonton (Conservation)

24. Ana Maria L. Harper (Conservation)

25. Rosario Mendoza Cortez (Historian)

26. Carmen Guerrero Nakpil (Historian)

27. Gloria Santos (Historian)

28. Estefania Aldaba Lim (Museum)

29. Leonora San Agustin (Museum)

30. Sister Nieves Valdez (Museum)

31. Consuelo Paz (Promotion of Filipino Language).



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