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The Leyte Progressive High School is a private and non-sectarian academic institution. It is the oldest existing "chinese" school in Tacloban City. It is colloquially known as Heng-hwa by the local Filipino-Chinese community.


Sitting between Cancabato Bay and a hill in the district of Sabang

In 1919, the Leyte Chinese School was established by a group of local Chinese businessmen thru the Leyte Tek Club and the Tacloban Filipino-Chinese Chamber of Commerce.

The Leyte Chinese School started in an old building with two rooms and with an enrollment of a few boys and girls who are mostly from the Leyte Chinese Community. The school was registered with the Department of Education in 1921. Eight years after its establishment, the first school building was erected.

Three years after, the first newly built Chinese School in Leyte was closed for a year due to financial problems.

The school's closure alarmed the Chinese community; hence, an educational committee was organized with the objective of reopening the school in line with its vision that education of the Chinese children should be given concerted and preferential attention by the Chinese community.

As expected, the student population increased and the school was transferred to a building at Grand Capitan street (now Justice Romualdez Street).

The school was forced to close when war broke out in 1941, and was reopened after the liberation in October 1945.

The Chinese community immediately worked on the renovation of the school buildings and other facilities which had been destroyed by the war. A new school building was constructed at Sabang District. Thus, the first graduation ceremony for the High School department was held in the new school building.

At this point, the name of the school was changed from Leyte Chinese School to Leyte Chinese High School.

However, in 1973, a government circular required all chinese schools to filipinize their names so that the school had to be renamed Leyte Progressive High School.

Mission Statement

LPHS is a non-profit service oriented institution, as such it is committed to the total development of its pupils and students by providing them with unique opportunities to pursue academic excellence, imbibe the Filipino and Chinese heritages and training them to become responsible and productive citizen of our country.

Goals and Objectives

LPHS aims to provide democratic instructions in the development of basic knowledge, fundamental skills, positive attitudes and values, worthwhile habits and interest relevant to productive citizenship of its pupils and students, to prepare them for active leadership roles in the future. It exists to enhance an enlightened outlook of genuine patriotism and provide of their Filipino as well as Chinese heritage.

Academic Programs

Venue of some of the most important events in Tacloban
  • Pre-Nursery (for toddlers age 2-3 years old)
  • Nursery (for ages 3-4 years old
  • Kindergarten I
  • Kindergarten II
  • Complete Elementary
  • Complete High School
  • Chinese Curriculum (Chinese Studies)
  • Enrichment Classes for those who don't want to take/enroll in Chinese Curriculum
  • Special Class for transferees/new enrollees who would take Chinese on the following year

The outer triangle represents the basic important factors of learning: the PUPIL, the TEACHER, and the INSTRUCTION. The LPHS acronym inside the small triangle signifies the LPHS institution as an effective channel for education. The characteristics of this Chinese flower (plume) at the middle of the triangle signify perseverance, hardwork and dedication towards attaining a goal. It is believed that the more difficult circumstances become, and many trials a student experiences, the better that he is molded and become successful in life.


Propriety, Justice, Honesty, Integrity

Alumni Association

LPHSAA Manila Chapter joins the founding anniversary of LPHS

The Leyte Progressive High School Alumni Association or LPHSAA is an organization of concerned alumni of Leyte Progressive High School. There is also a Manila Chapter of the LPHSAA.

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Leyte Progressive High School


Type of Organization School
Headquarters Tacloban
Location Paseo de Legaspi, Sabang District, Tacloban City, Leyte, Philippines
Telephone Numbers (053)321-2908; (053)321-2413
Date Founded September 27, 1921

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