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Leandro L. Fullon (b. March 13, 1874 - d. October 16, 1904) was a Filipino revolutionary fighter. He was the commanding general of the Philippine Revolutionary Army.

Early Life

He was born in Hamtik, Antique on March 13, 1874. He learned to read the alphabet from his parents and finished his early studies from the local school under Vicente Gella from the Ateneo Municipal de Manila. He later transferred to Colegio de San Juan de Letran but was not able to continue his studies due to lack of money.


In 1896, he joined the Katipunan under Gen. Emilio Aguinaldo, he was appointed to lead the Panay expedition. He and his men fought valiantly against the American forces in Sambang and Tacas, near Jaro, Iloilo. On September 6, 1898, he took over the gunboat to command the revolutionary forces in Panay, with Gen. Ananias Diocno and Martin Delgado. They led the attacks on the Spaniards who were then under the leadership of Gen. Diego de los Rios.

As the revolution spread throughout the island of Panay, Gen. Fullon continued to lead the revolutionaries until they reached Punta Pucio now known as Libertad, Antique. He put up a command station at a cave at Mt. Angonon. The Spaniards followed them into the mountains. In November 1898, the Spaniards reached their post. They almost captured the general but he managed to escape. Ignacio Umilongo and his nephew Felix were arrested and presented to the Spanish General at Pandan. Both were rescued by Gen. Fullon, who made the Spaniards believe that they would have a battle in Culasi.

On the same week, the revolutionary general changed the names of the following barrios: Inyawan to Libertad; Nipa to Union; Nabat-a to San Roque; and Tinawagan to Patria. Libertad is a Spanish word for freedom, while union for unity, patria for fatherland, and San Roque, is the patron saint of the wounded. The choice of words were descriptive of the plight of the revolutionary army and the barrio folks at this period of transition.

In November 1891, the general organized the Municipal de Libertad under the revolutionary government. It was not recognized because the government was still unorganized. In March 1901, 30 officers and 154 men, with 180 pieces of firearms surrendered in Palma, Barbara, Antique.

Fullon was the last general to surrender. He was appointed as the provincial governor of Antique and supervisor for the Visayas census in 1903.

He died on October 16, 1904. On October 16, 2004 the National Historical Institute commemorated the 100th death anniversary of this unsung Philippine hero.


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