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Lamberto V. Avellana (12 February 1915 – 25 April 1991) was a Filipino filmmaker, as well as a director for the theater. He remains a significant figure in the history of the Philippine film industry, as he was one of the earliest Filipino directors to receive international recognition. He is the predecessor of directors like Lino Brocka, Ishmael Bernal, and Mike de Leon.


Lamberto Avellana y Vera was born in Bontoc in the Mountain Province on 12 February 1915. He studied at Ateneo de Manila, where he learned about his passion and talent for the theater arts. He became a teacher at Ateneo, and aspired to promote Filipino theater.

He met Daisy Hontiveros who acted in plays staged by the University of the Philippines. Hontiveros and Avellana formed a theater arts group called the Barangay Theater Guild, which has had members such as Leon Ma. Guerrero III and Raul Manglapus.

Upon watching one of Avellana's theater productions, President Carlos P. Garcia suggested that he look into filmmaking.

In 1939, Avellana made his directorial debut with Sakay, which depicted the life story of the Filipino hero Macario Sakay.

As a filmmaker, Avellana proved that he was an innovator. He developed a style wherein the camera was used to represent a point-of-view.

Avellana worked in the Philippine movie industry for 60 years, completing over 70 movies. His two most noted films are Badjao, which portrayed the indigenous seafaring people of Mindanao, and Anak Dalita (Child of Indigence), about the struggles of life after World War II. The movie won Avellana the award for Best Film at the Asia-Pacific Film Festival in 1956.

Avellana was also the first Filipino director to have his film screened at the Cannes film festival. The movie was entitled Kandelerong Pilak (Silver Candlesticks), starring Miniong Alvarez, Teody Belarmino, Alfonso Carvajal, Joseph de Cordova, Lilia Dizon, and Joseph Estrada.

Avellana was proclaimed National Artist for Theater and Film in 1976 by President Ferdinand Marcos. He married Daisy Hontiveros, whom Avellana has known since they were teenagers, and who was also a National Artist.

Avellana passed away on 25 April 1991.


Following is a list of Avellana's films from the Internet Movie Database:

  • Sakay, 1939
  • Inday, 1940
  • Alitaptap, 1940
  • Lihim, 1941
  • Ikaw Pala, 1941
  • Tia Juana, 1943
  • Tandang Sora, 1947
  • Haciendera, 1947
  • In Despair, 1950
  • Hantik, 1950
  • Ang Bombero, 1950
  • Satur, 1951
  • Prinsipe Amante sa Rubitanya, 1951
  • Pag-asa, 1951
  • Sa Paanan ng Nazareno, 1952
  • Haring Solomon at Reyna Sheba, 1952
  • Amor Mio, 1952
  • Ronquillo, 1952
  • Korea, 1952
  • Huk sa Bagong Pamumuhay, 1953
  • Hiyasmin. 1953
  • Kandelerong Pilak, 1954
  • Damong Ligaw, 1954
  • Saydwok Vendor, 1955
  • Sarjan Hassan, 1955
  • No Money...No Honey, 1955
  • Lapu-Lapu, 1955
  • Kumander 13, 1956
  • Anak Dalita, 1956
  • Walang Sugat, 1957
  • Badjao, 1957
  • Rosalina, 1958
  • Faithful, 1958
  • Kundiman ng Lahi, 1959
  • El Legado, 1959
  • Cry Freedom, 1959
  • La Campana de Baler, 1961
  • Scout Rangers, 1964
  • Tagumpay ng Mahirap, 1965
  • Portrait of the Artist as Filipino, 1965
  • Claudia, 1966
  • Kumander Dimas, 1968
  • Destination Vietnam, 1968
  • The Evil Within, 1970
  • Fe, Esperanza, Caridad, 1974
  • Kapitan Kulas, 1975
  • Waywaya, 1982




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