Lake Dapao National Park

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Lake Dapao National Park is located at Pualas, Lanao del Sur and has an area of approximately 1,500 hectares. The area is accessible through the Highway National Road from Marawi city to Malabang, Lanao del Sur. Lake Dapao outlet is crossing the National Roads at Barangay Porug, Lanao del Sur.

Lake Dapao is considered as one of the deepest lake in the Philippines. It is surrounded by plateaus with moderate steep slopes. Its elevation is about 350 meters above sea level. Lake Dapao is facing the verdant hill of Mt. Baya at the eastern side. It is one of the tourist spots of Lanao del Sur and considered as having the best quality of water because of its natural coldness and clearness even during rainy season. The lake is endowed with various species of fishes such as Bongcaong, Tilapia (carpa), mudfish and other fresh water fishes as well as shrimps.

The perimeter of Lake Dapao, particularly at the western and southern portions, are covered with forest patches and secondary forest aside from cultivated/open areas planted with agricultural crops.

There are many species of birds recorded in the park such as giant scope owl, mendane imperial pigeon, hornbills, parrots, woodpeckers and wild ducks. Mammals recorded are Philippine monkeys, wild pigs and Philippine deer.




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