Kumpisal ni Ruben Tagalog

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Kumpisal ni Ruben Tagalog- One of Ruben Tagalog's first long-playing albums, released by Villar Records Company in the early 1950s. The album is in the Villar catalogue with number MLP-5032.

Kumpisal LP

Jacket Intro

There comes a time in a man's life when weighted down by bittersweet memories of the past, he seeks the solace of the dark. Thus as he sits there, unmoving and alone in the hush of evening, he sees many faces and hears many voices. He sighs with a tear or two of repentance for sins remembered, for hearts he shouldn't have broken. In his solitude, all these keep coming back to him in a concerto of his many many loves. Yes, when time goes fleeting by and silver begins to streak your hair, you too will long sit in the dark...to hold communion with your past.


Side 1

  1. Kumpisal
  2. Ako ang May Kasalanan
  3. Dalawang Pag-Ibig
  4. Kung Malayo man Ikaw
  5. Mawala mang Lahat
  6. Saksi Natin ang Langit

Side 2

  1. Awit ng Aking Pag-Ibig
  2. Ikasawi Man
  3. Mapalad Man
  4. Panyolito Mo
  5. Pagtataksil o Pagmamahal
  6. Sana'y Lumigaya Siya


Villar record catalogue # MLP-5032



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