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The Kilusang Bagong Lipunan, formerly the New Society Movement of United Nationalists, Liberals, et cetera (Filipino: Kilusang Bagong Lipunan ng Nagkakaisang Nacionalista, Liberal, at iba pa, KBLNNL) is a right-wing political party in the Philippine. It was formed in 1978 as an umbrella coalition of parties that support then-President Ferdinand Marcos, who also used it as his political vehicle during his regime. It was reorganized as a political party in 1986 as the party furthest to the right among the active parties after the ouster of Marcos.

Since 1986, KBL has participated in national and local elections, retaining a single seat in the House of Representatives in Ilocos Norte, which was held by former First Lady Imelda Marcos until 2019.

In 2021, the KBL nominated the late dictator’s son and namesake, former Senator Bongbong Marcos as their party’s presidential candidate for the 2022 elections.


The ideological roots of the “bagong lipunan” can be traced to one of Marcos’ rationalizations for the declaration of Martial Law in 1972. He contented that a system of “constitutional authoritarianism” was necessary in order to “reform society” and create a new one under his authority.

In 1978, six years after the declaration of Martial Law, Marcos adopted this rhetoric and used the phrase as the name of the umbrella coalition of administration parties running in the Philippine Parliamentary Elections. The party retained its name when it was reorganized as a political party in 1986.

After the 1986 People Power Revolution, Marcos and his family and their key followers escaped to Hawaii. His party machinery disbanded into numerous factions including Blas Ople’s Partido Nacionalista ng Pilipinas, the reorganized Rafael Palmares’ and Renato Cayetano’s Nacionalista Party, and the reorganized Nicanor Yñiguez’ Kilusang Bagong Lipunan.

By the time of the 1987 Philippine Constitutional Plebiscite, the reconstituted KBL became the party furthest to the right among the rightwing political parties of the mid-1980s and remained loyal to Marcos’ authoritarian ideology. The Partido Nacionalista ng Pilipinas took a conservative centrist stance. The Nacionalista Party and the Kalaw wing of the Liberal Party took a center-right stance.

Notable members and former members

  • Ferdinand Marcos- 10th Philippine President, 3rd Prime Minister of the Philippines, former Secretary of the Department of National Defense, 11th President of the Senate of the Philippines, Member of the House of Representatives from Ilocos Norte’s 2nd District.
  • Roberto Reyes Jambongana- Senatorial candidate, Gubernatorial candidate of Bohol
  • Larry Gadon- Senatorial candidate
  • Jay Sonza- former newscaster and talkshow host
  • Victor Wood- Singer, actor, and politician
  • Vicente Millora- former Chairman of KBL and former National President of the Integrated Bar of the Philippines
  • Conrado Estrella III- Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives
  • Imelda Marcos- former First Lady, former member of the House of Representatives, former member of Parliament for Region IV, 1st Governor of Metro Manila
  • Bongbong Marcos- former Senator, former member of the House of Representatives, former Governor of Ilocos Norte, former Vice Governor of Ilocos Norte
  • Imee Marcos- Senator, former Governor of Ilocos Norte, former member of the House of Representatives, and former member of the Batasang Pambansa

Electoral performance


Election Candidate Number of votes Share of votes Outcome of election
1981 Ferdinand Marcos 18,309,360 88.02% Won
1986 Ferdinand Marcos 10,807,197 53.62% Disputed; fled the country after the People Power Revolution
1992 Imelda Marcos 2,338,294 10.32% Lost
1998 Imelda Marcos Withdrew
2004 None Supported Fernando Poe Jr. who lost
2010 Vetellano Acosta Disqualified
2016 None Supported Miriam Defensor Santiago who lost
2022 Endorsed Bongbong Marcos Election will be on May 09, 2022

Vice president

Election Candidate Number of votes Share of votes Outcome of election
1986 Arturo Tolentino 10,134,130 50.66% Disputed; did not assume office after the People Power Revolution
1992 Vicente Magsaysay 699,895 3.43% Lost
1998 None
2004 None Supported Loren Legarda who lost
2010 Jay Sonza 64,230 0.18% Lost
2016 None Supported Bongbong Marcos who lost
2022 None supports Sara Duterte who is running in the upcoming elections


Election Number of votes Share of votes Seats won Seats after Outcome of election
1987 16,356,441 4.36% 0/24 0/24 Lost
1992 12,691,686 4.59% 0/24 0/24 Lost
1995 8,168,768 4.47% 0/12 0/24 Lost
1998 0/12 0/24 Did not participate
2001 873,306 0.36% 0/12 0/24 Lost
2004 540,498 0.21% 0/12 0/24 Lost
2007 2,436,294 0.91% 0/12 0/24 Lost
2010 2,769,847 0.93% 0/12 0/24 Lost
2013 0/12 0/24 Did not participate
2016 1,971,327 0.61% 0/12 0/24 Lost
2019 3,487,780 0.96% 0/12 0/24 Lost

House of Representatives

  • As the Batasang Pambansa in 1978 and 1984.
Election Number of votes Share of votes Seats Outcome of election
1978 147,885,493 71.13% 137/190 Won
1984 110/200 Won
1987 823,676 4.10% 11/214 Lost
1992 438,577 2.35% 3/216 Lost
1995 0/220 Did not participate*
1998 35,522 0.15% 0/257 Lost
2001 0/256 Did not participate
2004 1/261 Lost
2007 1/271 Lost
2010 158,416 0.46% 1/286 Lost
2013 94,484 0.34% 1/293 Lost
2016 198,754 0.53% 0/297 Lost
2019 33,594 0.08% 0/304 Lost

*One member elected under joint KBL-Nationalist People's Coalition ticket.




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