Katalik-Laan (Tagalog Novel)

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The Katalik-Laan is a Tagalog novel written by Santiago G. Flores in 1912. It exhibits a strong anti-American stance even as it depicts the economic and political dominance of the Americans in the colonial period.

Although ostensibly a love story featuring the relationship between Isayas and Diyosa (note the allegorical meaning of the names), Katalik-Laan is more than a chronicle of love. It narrates the brutal maneuvers resorted to by the rich American businessman Trifol as he tries to destroy Isayas, the sweetheart of Diyosa. Trifol hired assassins to kill Isayas, but Isayas slays them instead. He is tried and sentenced to prison. He is, however, sprung from prison by his brother and friends. Isayas befriends Trifol and, once he succeeds in gaining the American's confidence, kills him. Knowing that he will never get justice in the corrupt system, Isayas and Diyosa flee.




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