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The Kapisanang Kimika ng Pilipinas (KKP) (formerly the Chemical society of the Philippines) is an organization of chemists formed to promote chemical science and technology. Founded in 1927, KKP started out as an organization of licensed chemists but eventually grew to accommodate unlicensed chemists, scientists from allied disciplines, and even chemistry students.


KKP was formed to advance chemical science studies and technology in the Philippines. The organization takes an active role in the dissemination of chemical knowledge, and gives technical advice and assistance to maintain high standards of professional conduct among the members. It maintains close ties with other organizations for the advancement of science. It also raises interest in chemistry among the youth

Organization Structure

The KKP is governed by a national board consisting of fifteen members which served for a term of three years. These board of directors were the ones who elect the national officers for a one year term. The president of the organization will be one of the representative organization in the board of the Philippine Federation of Chemistry Societies (PFCs), which an umbrella organization where the KKP is a member.


The following are the different divisions of the organization:

  • KKP Division of Analytical Science (KKP-DAS)
  • KKP Division of Polymer and Materials Science (KKP-PMS)
  • KKP Division of Organic Chemistry (KKP-DOC)
  • KKP Division of Inorganic Chemistry (KKP-DICAF) - the division which focuses on field of inorganic chemistry and its allied areas.

Regional Chapters

The following are the Regional chapters of KKP:




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