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Kamikazee is a Filipino rock band which is best known for songs such as "Narda", "Chiksilog”, “Martyr Nyebera”, and “Huling Sayaw.” Formed during the early 2000s, it is composed of Jay Contreras, Led Tuyay, Jomal Linao, Puto Astete, and Bords Burdeos.


Members of the band met in college at the University of the Philippines, Diliman College of Fine Arts (UPCFA). The band's early gigs were mostly on campus events like the annual UP Fair. Before being signed in a major label, they went by the name “Kamikazee Cornflakes”. They shortened it to “Kamikazee” which is easier to remember.

Their early performances included renditions of “Mmm Sarap”, “Tsinelas”, Ariel Rivera's “Sana Kahit Minsan”, and Britney Spears' “Lucky”. They were known for using expletives and suggestive movements in their performances.

In 2002, the band released their first self-titled album, with a heavy cover of Britney Spears' “Lucky” as the carrier single. In 2005, they released “Chicksilog” as part of Rok On!, a compilation album.

In 2006, they released their second album Maharot, with “Narda” as the carrier single. It was a popular hit in 2006 and gained constant airplays in radios. In 2009, the song was used as a soundtrack for GMA 7's primetime show Darna, played by Marian Rivera.

The band maintains close ties with Parokya ni Edgar (PNE) as Chito Miranda was also a student at UPCFA. They perform as guests of the other band's jams. Contreras performed with Miranda on songs like “Okatokat”, “Chikinini”, and “The Yes Yes Show”. The former was also the back-up vocals on the PNE's hit song “The Order Taker” with Linao on lead guitars. Kaye Abad, Miranda's former girlfriend was on back-up vocals of Kamikazee's “Martyr Nyebera”. Sarah Abad, Kaye's sister, was married to Jay Contreras on 12 February 2009.

In 2009, they released their third album, Long Time Noisy. The album, which was produced by Eric Perlas, was recorder at Tower of Doom Studios. The band took three years to construct the said album as they had to balance their tough schedules. “Unang Tikim”, one of the album's singles, was used in RC Cola's TV Ad in 2011.

The band's fourth and final album Romantico was released in 2012. It contained popular singles “Halik” and “Huling Sayaw” featuring Pop Princess Kyla.

On 25 January 2015, the band announced that they will be taking a hiatus starting on 2016.


Studio albums

Year Album
2002 Kamikazee
2006 Maharot
2009 Long Time Noisy
2012 Romantico

Collaboration albums

  • Supersize Rock (Warner Music Philippines, 2004)
  • Kami nAPO muna (Universal Records, 2006)
  • The Biggest OPM Hits Of The Year SUPER (Universal Records, 2006)
  • Rok On (Viva Records, 2005)
  • Pinoy Ako 2 (Star Music, 2005)
  • Palabas: The Best Of OPM TV & Movie Themes (Universal Records, 2006)
  • Kami nAPO muna ulit (Universal Records, 2007)
  • Another Biggest OPM Hits Of The Year SUPER 2 (Universal Records, 2007)
  • Astig...The Biggest Band Hits (Universal Records, 2008)


  • From The Album Kamikazee (2002)
    • "Tsinelas"
    • "Girlfriend"
    • "Lucky" (cover from Britney Spears)
    • "Sana Kahit Minsan" (cover from Ariel Rivera)
  • From The Album Maharot (2006)
    • '"Chiksilog"
    • "Ambisyoso"
    • "Narda"
    • "Martyr Nyebera"
    • "Seksi Seksi"
    • "Director's Cut"
  • From The Album Long Time Noisy (2009)
    • "Wala"
    • "Hanggang Tingin"
    • "Unang Tikim"
    • "Alay"
    • "Meron Akong Ano" (cover from the late Francis M)
  • From The Album Romantico (2012)
    • "Halik"
    • "Tagpuan"
    • "Huling Sayaw" Feat. Kyla
    • "Wo-Oh"
    • "Tamis"
    • "Kislap"

Other singles

  • Theme song for First Day High film and Rexona commercial
    • "First Day High"
  • From The Album Kami nAPO Muna (2006)
    • "Doo Bidoo" – No. 1 Philippines
  • Theme Song for ABS-CBN's Komiks (TV series)
    • "Komiks"

Commercial Endorsements

  • Rexona
  • Teazz Ice Tea
  • Smart Buddy Me Na Me
  • Tanduay Rhum




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