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A Barangay Kagawad is a Philippine government official of barangays (counties), the most basic political unit in the country. A barangay kagawad is elected together with the Punong Barangay (Barangay Captain). Also known as Barangay Councilors, their responsibilities include partaking in various barangay activities and governing law and order throughout the vicinity. Each barangay consists of seven kagawads. They are stratified according to the number of votes they received in the elections. Republic Act 7160, approved 10 October 1991, set the term of office of barangay officials and members of the Sangguniang Kabataan to three years; RA 8524, approved 14 February 1998, amended RA 7160, extending the term of office to five years.

Roles and Responsibilities

A kagawad helps enforce all local policies, projects, programs and procedures within the barangay. They contribute in devising a provision for the betterment and development of their area and the town's people. Their responsibilities include eliminating any illegal transactions such as drugs and drug addiction, preserving all infrastructures and properties, conserving cleanliness, encouraging the welfare of the youth and ensuring peace and order within the community.

They are designated to be the legislative force of a barangay, meaning they are required to support and assist the barangay captain in executing all mandated procedures, programs and the like. All kagawads are expected to create ordinances or resolutions to help maintain harmony within the community.


All candidates for kagawad must have a basic knowledge of the law. They should be a bona fide Filipino citizens, sane and having held legitimate residency for at least six months in the concerned barangay prior to the election. They must be at least 18 years old and have no criminal record.




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