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The Kababaihan ng Capri Livelihood Association, Inc. (Kab Capri) is a non-stock, non-profit people’s organization founded and organized in August 1996.


Kab Capri is a people’s organization, which aims:

  • To provide an arena for urban poor women to articulate their concerns, develop leaders and initiate action to resolve women problems, whether regarding production, reproduction or politics;
  • To uplift status of Barangay Capri women by providing them additional income, access to resources, skills training and support services;
  • To develop pilot projects/ undertake model building for socio-economic project for Capri Women;
  • To pursue women’s economic empowerment program of the local government or any agency/institution and enhance economic independence;
  • To educate, raise consciousness and seek expressions of gender equality by combating all forms of discrimination against women, and;
  • To create political and cultural base for women’s leadership; transform the cultural norms that block the women from power. Encourage and support women in electoral politics.

The Kababaihan ng Capri Livelihood Assn. Inc. was formerly under the coalition or umbrella organization of Sanlakas Party-list. However, in the year 2002 the organization decided to be independent and secured its own registration at the SEC on March 12, 2002. At present the organization is no longer connected with the Sanlakas Movement.


  • Elected as (QCDC) Quezon City Development Council – Women NGO Sector Representative
  • Elected as Gender and Development Council Member – NGO sector of QC
  • Founder and Board of Directors member of the QC Chamber of NGOs POs
  • Elected Barangay Capri Development Council Member
  • Longest Running Micro-finance Project
  • One and Only Kiddie Savers Club in the Community
  • Mobile Sari-sari Store
  • Expansion/Organizing a member organization
  • Advocate of People Issues and Concern
  • Gender-Sensitive and Gender-Responsive Community


  • Gender Sensitivity Trainings, Seminars on Sex Trafficking, ReproHealth and VAW Forum
  • Donation of Books (Pre-school and high School)
  • Free Medical/ Dental
  • Kab Capri Variety Store
  • Uniform Livelihood Stalls
  • Media Advocacy on Women’s Health
  • DZRM Awardees
  • Family Mini Olympics
  • Kab Capri as entrepreneur
  • Scholarship for the Capri Indigent Youth
  • Proyektong Pangkalusugan ng Kababihan
  • Repro rights advocate
  • Partner of the QC Government in building a quality community
  • Women’s Month March 2003 (Oath taking of GAD Council)
  • Sports for a cause/advocacy
  • DSWD registration
  • Women Summit participant
  • Supported the Annual Pride March of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender
  • Kab Capri as outstanding Cleaners on December 17, 2003
  • Yearly Gift-giving among members
  • Kab Capri as founder and board of directors member of QC Chamber of NGOs Pos.
  • Kab Capri as part of the Environmental Police Program of the MMDA
  • Kab Capri as prospective advocate of ELA (Executive and Legislative Agenda)
  • Kab Capri as one of the participants on GO-NGO National Consultation on the Beijing Review


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