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KASAMMAKO stands for Katipunan ng mga Samahan ng Migranteng Manggagawa sa Korea or Unity of Filipino Migrant Workers in Korea. It is an alliance of overseas Filipino organizations in Korea which was established in 1999. It provides migrant and overseas Filipino workers para-legal support and legal referrals as well as psycho-social counseling.


Undocumented migrants, meaning those who do not have proper working documents in Korea is an important factor that needs to be organized. In 1987, overseas Filipinos in Korea decided to form a coordinating body to fight for their rights as Filipino migrants. KASAMMAKO was formed after the member organizations of the coordinating body decided to formalize the coordination body. During the Coordinating body's assessment and consultation the same year, the need for a united alliance of overseas Filipino organizations in Korea resulted in the Coordinating Body transformation into KASAMMAKO. At present, member organizations of KASAMMAKO expanded from the original five member organization to 10 member organizations in different areas all over Korea.

The alliance was originally composed of the following migrant groups:

  • Association of Filipino Migrant Workers in Korea (AFILMWOK)
  • Bicol Association
  • Federation of Filipino Workers in Korea (FFWK)
  • New Era Foundation and
  • Sama-sama sa Korea (SSK).


  • Strengthen unity among organizations of overseas Filipinos & their families in the Philippines.
  • Organize and mobilize overseas Filipinos and their families on migrants' and people's issues.
  • Uphold and defend the rights and welfare of overseas Filipinos.
  • Launch education campaigns aimed at raising the political consciousness of overseas Filipinos and their families.
  • Strengthen cooperation and solidarity with migrant organizations of other nationalities and peoples of the host countries.
  • Support and participate in the struggle of the Filipino people for genuine freedom and democracy.


KASAMMAKO provides overseas Filipinos para-legal support and legal referrals for for those seeking justice for abuses committed against them.

Psycho-social counseling is also provided to overseas Filipino workers and their families who may need such help.


Various activities and programs are conducted to unite, develop and strengthen the working relationship among overseas Filipino organizations in various countries around the world.

KASAMMAKO also initiates activities depicting the struggles of overseas Filipinos and link these with other people's issues such as: policies and regulations that exploit and oppress migrant workers; economic concerns (i.e. wage cuts, state exaction, Employment Permit System-EPS, Trainee System ) human rights issues (i.e. mysterious deaths, deportations, stranded workers) political issues (i.e. Gulf War, crackdowns, raids, racial profiling, terrorist-branding of progressive individuals and organizations, Extrajudicial killings) national issues (i.e. Purchased Power Adjustment, oil price hike, privatization, total war policy, militarization, Anti-Terrorism Bill) solidarity activities for the struggles of migrants of other nationalities.

KASAMMAKO continued to launch campaigns against the trainee system, cancellation of passports, crackdown of undocumented migrants, excessive fees and sex trafficking among others. They conduct campaign actions aside from the day to day welfare and labor related cases that they handled among their member organizations.


KASAMMAAKO produces informative materials such as analyses on the multisectoral and sectoral issues that impact overseas Filipinos and their families. KASAMMAKO coordinates with migrante international, and with different non-government and people's organizations, the church community, media organizations and individuals who uphold and promote the rights and welfare of migrants and their families. They offer seminars and orientation sessions on migrants' issues to networks and allies.

Member Organizations

  • Capampangan Brotherhood Association
  • Bicol Association
  • New Era Foundation
  • Federation of Filipino Workers in Korea
  • Quezon Association in Korea
  • Women on the Move (WEMOVE)
  • Association of Filipino Migrant Workers in Kwangju, Korea
  • Filipino Workers Association in Korea
  • Sama-Sama sa Koalisyon
  • Southern Tagalog Organization




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