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Juliana de Dios or Juli is Kabesang Tales' youngest daughter and is Basilio's childhood friend and sweetheart.

Character description

Juli is described as a loving daughter and a faithful fiancee. She is the embodiment of purity and innocence, reminiscent of Maria Clara in the previous novel, only poor.

Role in the novel

Juli is the main female protagonist in the novel. She becomes a victim of circumstances when her father becomes a cabesa and had to shoulder heavy debts imposed on them by the congregation. She was not sent to Manila to study and works as a maid for Hermana Penchang when her family falls into debt defending their father from unjust charges and ransom from the bandits. She would rather render domestic services instead of selling the locket that once belonged to Maria Clara and was paid by the leper to Basilio who in the end gave it to her. However, the locket comes to the hand of her father who gives it to Simoun in exchange for a revolver.

Juli eventually learns of the students that were sent to jail. When Basilio becomes imprisoned, Hermana Bali, a neighbor, advised her to beseech the help of the Padre Camorra. She is aware of the curate's lust for her but ends up going to the priest for help. She ends up dead by jumping off the window when she escaped the friar's attempt to rape her. Basilio learns of her death through Sinong. Her death eventually turned the young man's heart towards joining Simoun's plans for revenge.


Juli, like Maria Clara, symbolizes the purity and innocence of the lower class women during Rizal's time. She would rather sacrifice rather than give up her ideals.