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Jose Luis Marco y Garcia was a Hispano-Filipino airline and business executive. He was born on March 16, 1926 in Manila. His parents were Don Elias Marco, a banker who was the president of Monte de Piedad, and Luz Garcia of Manila. He was the only child and grew up in American-era Manila.

Early Life

As a young child he was adventurous and joined the American merchant marines for a life of travel and adventure. He used to hang out at Salsipuedas Street, Malate, Manila with other like-minded Hispano-Filipinos. He studied at the elementary, high school and college of San Juan de Letran. His first cousins, Arturo (Taca), Eli and Joaquin (Quinito) Marco were orphaned and were raised by the family of Elias Marco in Malate. The extended family together with another cousin, Ernesto, had many adventures and joined the American merchant marines to travel to China and Asia. Everytime the American officers would call the roll, they would signal presence by answering "Puwit!" (Ass!), which would later become their password.

In the early 50s he joined Philippine Airlines, during the time of Andres Soriano, joining an elite community of fellow Hispano-Filipinos who managed the most prestigious Philippine companies at that time. In 1952 he married Felicidad Marquez y Guevarra of Imus, Cavite. They had 5 children: Jose Luis, Jr., Jose Ramon, Jaime, Gina and Jose Elias. In 1964 he joined Filipinas Orient Airways, formerly known as Fairways Airlines, as one of its early pioneers, under the Caram family auspices. He was the vice president of marketing, responsible for promoting the airlines all over the Philippines. At that time it was strictly a domestic airlines.

After it was closed by the Marcos dictatorship in 1973, he joined Air Manila and he was responsible for promoting charter flights of nurses to the United States. He moved to San Francisco in 1978. When he returned to the Philippines he joined the management group of Sr. Don Anton Estrada, who was then the dean of the Asian Institute of Management.

Together with his family he immigrated to the United States in 1982, where he settled to retire in South San Francisco, except his sons Ramon, who stayed in the Philippines and Jaime who decided to go to Spain and set up his business there. He passed away on February 20, 1998 at the age of 72 years.



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