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Jose Antonio E. Vergel de Dios (Born January 22, 1989), also known as Ton, is an OPM singer/guitarist/songwriter from Quezon City, Philippines. He is most commonly known as the lead vocalist and guitarist of three-piece Pop Punk OPM band Hansom and the lead guitarist of "emo" band Tonight We Sleep.


Vergel de Dios was born on January 22, 1989, in Makati City. He was born to Ronald and Patricia Vergel de Dios. He is the second of four boys and no girls.

He studied in Ateneo de Manila Grade School from 1995-2003 and Ateneo de Manila High School from 2003-2007. He is currently in his sophomore year in Ateneo de Manila University taking up a course in AB Communications.

During his grade school days and the early part of his high school days, he participated actively in Varsity Football.

He first showed interest in performing when he was around eight years old when he, his older brother Gino and his younger brother Aldo joined a summer workshop in Repertory Philippines. They joined Repertory almost every summer after that for five years. He has stated in interviews that his stage antics and entertaining performance style were partly influenced by his time in acting school.

Musical Origins

He first decided to get into the world of music after watching a rock show at Assumption College’s annual fair when he was in Grade 6. Afterward, he decided to form a band with his friends. Initially, he was only a lead vocalist, using the singing skills he acquired in his summer acting workshops. However, he eventually showed interest in guitar and decided to learn that as well.

One of his first bands was Ouch, a band formed with friends Carlo Roman on drums, Lex Formoso on lead guitar, and older brother Gino Vergel de Dios on bass (who learned Bass at Ton’s convincing) when Ton was in his first two years in High School. The two Vergel de Dios brothers remained with the band while the other spots in the band changed to Nico Mendiola on drums and Drew Kagaoan on lead guitar.


In March, 2003, Ton had been writing songs and shopping for band members. Experimenting with different combos didn’t seem to work, and after coming home from school one day he realized he already had the tailor-fit members all along – brothers Gino and Aldo. Older brother Gino played bass, while Aldo the youngest of the three manned the drums, with a kit their mom got for his birthday. Apart from funding the band, she also provided the name they’d eventually call themselves with. It started out as a joke at first obviously, since the idea of having three brothers in a band rather seemed familiar. But, evidently having a lighthearted family, the name stuck. Hansom was officially born.

Hansom started out performing mostly at school events such as fundraisers, school fairs and parties, covering punk rock and pop rock songs.

They remained quite active, eventually moving on to regularly perform at bars as well such as Freedom Bar and Kublai’s Katipunan. They also wrote a number of original songs.

A major stepping stone for Hansom was in April, 2006 when the band was first runner-up in the Whoops! Clothing brand’s battle of the bands. They received a thirty thousand pesos cash prize.

They spent the prize money on recording a 6-track independent Extended Play (EP) entitled “Hump Ahead” recorded at “Kerplunk!” Studios in Makati. They released it in 2007.

Hansom was discovered in late 2007 by manager Raymond Fabul (Sponge Cola, Chicosci, Join the Club, Out of Body Special, Archipelago). With Fabul’s help, the band was able to reach more people through bigger gigs.

Hansom began recording their first ever full length album in mid-2008. The album is expected to be released some time early in 2009.

Tonight We Sleep

Vergel de Dios also formed a second band in early 2008 called Tonight We Sleep. It is made up of Vergel de Dios on lead guitar, Argee Guerrero on vocals and rhythm guitar, Rex Ferriols on bass and Paolo Owyong on drums. Vergel de Dios had already been quite close friends with the other three members even before the band was formed. Before Tonight We Sleep, Guerrero, Ferriols and Owyong had previously been members of a Hard Rock band called BIT (Bumping Into Trees).

Vergel de Dios’ role in the band is quite different from his role in Hansom because unlike with Hansom, he only sings backup vocals and gets to focus more on the lead guitar parts of their songs.

List of Works

Mirror In My Eyes - A song about "bitter apathy."

Ampalaya!- About an obscene joke about a guy's private part.

Mamatay Ka Na - Is about being mad at someone who's really annoying.

Kaawa-awang Pangarap - About how some people think how good looking they are even if they aren't.

Bahala Na Si Batman - Taking risks with love.

Sweet Perfection of Imperfection - Imperfect Relationships

Action Man - about people who make "singit" even if they aren't invited.

Landi - about a flirty girl

Desidido - about being shy or "torpe"

Ayos Lang - about a previous relationship

Wrong Spelling - about wrong spelling

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