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A photo of Joaquin "Chino" Roces, who was a publisher of The Manila Times (Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons/Presidential Museum & Library)

Joaquin "Chino" Roces (1913-1988) was the publisher of The Manila Times during the post-war period until the Martial Law era.

Early life

Roces was born on June 29, 1913.[1] He was the youngest of the nine children of Don Alejandro Roces and Antonia Pardo.[2] He was educated at the Ateneo and at the public school in Reading, England.[3]


In 1935, Roces returned home to work in his family's newspaperhouse, which published the Tribune, Vanguardia and Taliba.[4] He took over its management after his father died.[5] After the Second World War, he resurrected The Manila Times, which had been dormant for 15 years.[6] Under his ownership, the Times became the most widely circulated newspaper in the country during the post-war period.[7]

As publisher, Roces fiercely upheld the freedom of the Times. He said:

"The Manila Times Group has never stood, and does not now stand, for any special group or vested interest. Its task is to inform, to discuss with care and intelligence, and to initiate or support programs to improve the quality of life among Filipinos…"[8]

Martial law era

However, with the declaration of martial law by President Ferdinand Marcos in September 1972, the Times was closed down and Roces was imprisoned.[9] However, this did not stop Roces from expressing his dissent against the dictatorship by joining rallies.[10]

Roces was instrumental in persuading Corazon Aquino to run as president during the 1986 snap elections, as he collected a million signatures of endorsement to persuade Aquino to run against Marcos.[11] He then joined the 1986 People Power Revolution which led to the downfall of the dictatorship.[12]


Roces died on September 30, 1988.


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