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Jeronima de la Asunción (b. 1555 - d. 22 October 1630) was born in Toledo, Spain in 1555 and entered the Order of St. Clare in August 1570. With seven nuns of her order, she embarked from Cadiz on 5 July 1620 and arrived in Manila on 5 August 1621--where she founded the convent of La Concepción. Within two months, she received twenty girls into the novitiate, notwithstanding the rigorous and austere rules of this order. The provincial of the Franciscans strove to modify this strictness, for the sake of the nuns’ health in so trying a climate, but Mother Gerónima refused to yield, and finally triumphed, in the appeal made to the head of the order—although after this victory she permitted some relaxations of the rule. Opposition arose to the seclusion of so many young women of Manila in the monastic life; and even the diocesan authorities endeavored to restrain their zeal—even excommunicating Mother Gerónima for a time—but with little result.


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