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Jak En Poy (literal translation: Jak and Poy) is a 1987 painting by Lazaro “Aro” Soriano in oil on canvas measuring 156 x 156 cm. It is part of the Ateneo Art Gallery Collection.[1][2] The title refers to a Filipino children’s game which is a localized version of Rock, Paper, Scissors.


The painting is a deliberately exaggerated representation of the EDSA Revolt. It produces a comic effect amidst misfortune and tragedy by picturing the subjects in a massive game of "Jak En Poy".[1]

Soriano's caricature-like composition of personalities shows the characters  in an unlikely comic situation. Former president Corazon Aquino is the central figure and is dressed in a navy blue dress with a yellow collar. She flashes the "Laban" (translation: Fight) party sign with her fingers while being surrounded by notable figures of the 1986 EDSA Revolution.

Subjects such as Jaime Cardinal Sin, Juan Ponce Enrile, Fidel Ramos and Gregorio Honasan complete the main cast, while other proponents and colorful faces and figures are positioned around the central figures to illustrate the citizens who were part of the so-called "people's revolution".


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