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Jaime Marcó y Márquez, a Hispano-Filipino historian, resident of Guadalajara, Spain.

Early Life

Marcó was born on 25 July 1956 in Manila.


His intention for founding the web site is to correct the Filipinos' impression of the Spanish people, language and culture because he firmly believes that it will help the Filipinos understand their identity in the same way it helped him do it. He has been researching in Spanish archives for more than 25 years and his research has given way to understanding many historic event that took place during the Spanish era in the Philippines. One of the Philippines greatest defenders of the Hispano-Filipino culture, he is also one of the original founders of La Liga Hispano-Filipino and its first president. La Liga Hispano-Filipino is dedicated to promoting goodwill between Spain and the Philippines. It has fought for the implementation of Spanish in Philippine education too.

The Jose Rizal Walking Tour of Madrid

One his most prominent achievements in Spain is his constant search for all the traces of Filipino national heroes like José Rizal, the other components of the 19'th century Filipino revolutionary publication "La Solidaridad" and other Filipino Ilustrados who then went to Spain to study there. He created the Rizal walking tour for Filipinos where you can see the flats where some of these great people lived, the places where the hung out, the universities they attended, theatres they went to, and a lot of other places. He worked together with the Philippine Embassy and the City Hall of Madrid to put historical markers in some of these places that played a vital role in Philippine History like Hotel Inglés where Rizal, on a hungry stomach, gave one of his most magnificent speeches in honour of Juan Luna and Felix Resurrección Hidalgo for being the first Filipinos to win the "Exposición de Bellas Artes de Madrid". That moment was a turning point in the life of Rizal because his speech that night inciting the Filipino youth to follow the footsteps of Luna and Hidalgo was misinterpreted by the Clergy in the Philippines as a form of subversion thus alerting them and they began scrutinizing everything Rizal was doing. The flat where La Solidaridad was published, his house where he started writing Noli Me Tangere, the Universities where he finished his degrees and "Viva Madrid", the place where they met to decide on what to publish in La Solidaridad. The flat where Juan Luna painted the Spolarium and many other places.

Filipiniana.net and the Preservation of Hispano-Filipino Heritage

Marcó was instrumental in the location and preservation of key Hispano-Filipino documents and books in Spain. On October 12, 2005 Marco discovered the rare first editions of Jose Rizal's landmark novels of Noli Me Tangere and El Filibusterismo at the Antique Book Fair of Madrid. His long years of searching for Philippine treasures in Spain has awarded him with original pencil sketches of great Filipino painters like Juan Luna and Felix Resurrección Hidalgo aside from other original lithographs and maps of the Philippines.

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