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Joseph Victor “JV” Gomez Ejercito (born 26 December 1969), also known as JV Ejercito Estrada,[1] is a politician. He served as a senator from 2013 to 2019. From 2010 to 2013, he was the representative of San Juan City, and from 2010 to 2013, he was the city’s mayor.

Ejercito is a son of former president Joseph Estrada and a half-brother of former senator Jinggoy Estrada.

On 2 October 2021, Ejercito filed his certificate of candidacy for the 2022 senatorial elections. He is running under the Nationalist People's Coalition. Ejercito said he will be using his father's screen surname, Estrada, as an alias during the election period, describing it as a "brand name ... that has been in politics for 50 years."[2]

Early life

Joseph Victor "JV" G. Ejercito was born on 26 December 1969 to Joseph Estrada, then mayor of San Juan City, and Guia Gomez, a businesswoman and former mayor of the city.


Ejercito received his elementary and secondary education from Xavier School and earned a bachelor’s degree in political science from De La Salle University.[3]

Political career

San Juan mayor

Ejercito was elected mayor of San Juan City in 2001. He was re-elected in 2004 and 2007, stepping down in 2010 after reaching his three-term limit as mayor of the city.

House of Representatives[edit]

Ejercito successfully ran for representative of the lone district of San Juan City in 2010. Five of the bills he either authored or sponsored in this capacity were passed to the Senate for consideration. They are as follows:[4]

  • HB 4225: Participatory Governance Through CSOs Empowerment Act of 2011[5]
  • HB 4541: Mercury Exposure Information Act of 2011[6]
  • HB 4565: Local Housing Boards Act[7]
  • HB 5870: Cadastral Survey Act of 2012[8]
  • HB 6144: Domestic Workers Act of 2012 or Kasambahay Bill[9]


Ejercito ran for senator in the 2013 elections[10] and received the 11th highest number of votes, which secured him a seat in the Senate. During the 17th Congress (​​from July 25, 2016 to June 3, 2019), he was the chairperson of the Senate committee on urban planning, housing and resettlement.

Over the six years that Ejercito served in the Senate, he filed 140 bills and resolutions. He authored the Child Safety in Motor Vehicles Act, which requires the use of child safety seats among children 12 years of age and below and 1.50 meters or shorter in height while traveling in a motor vehicle.[11]

On 6 April 6, 2016, Sandiganbayan Fifth Division issued a warrant of arrest against Ejercito and four other government officials in connection to charges of misuse of funds while he was mayor of San Juan City.[12] Ejercito was subsequently cleared of the charges.[13]

Ejercito unsuccessfully sought re-election to the Senate in the 2016 elections. His half-brother Jinggoy Estrada, a former senator who had been jailed for three years after being charged with multiple counts of plunder in 2014, ran for senator too. During the election season, Ejercito and Estrada maintained unfriendly tones when talking about each other’s attempt to be re-elected,[14] with Ejercito saying Estrada’s bid would “ruin his chances” and referring to himself as “the good one” in his campaign, hinting at Estrada’s plunder cases. After he conceded defeat, Estrada said he hoped Nancy Binay, who was neck and neck with Ejercito for the 12th and last spot in the senate race, would edge Ejercito out.[15] In response, Ejercito pointed out that Estrada was 13th in their home city of San Juan. “Let him speak... It’s painful to accept that even in your own bailiwick you are unwanted," Ejercito said. Neither sibling won a seat in the Senate, with Ejercito finishing 13th and Estrada getting the 15th spot.

Personal life

Ejercito is married to Hyacinth Lotuaco. They have one son together, Julio Jose. Ejercito has another son, Jose Emilio, from a previous relationship with model Patty Betita.



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