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Isis Manila-International
Campaign: Keep Media Free
Address: 3 Marunong Street Brgy. Central, Quezon City, Philippines
Tel. No.: (632) 9281956
Fax No.: (632) 9241065

Isis International-Manila is a feminist non-government organization committed to creating spaces within information and communications structures and systems, that promote the many voices of women, particularly those from the South.


In 1974, three enterprising feminists (Judy Siddens, Jane Cottingham and Marilee Karl) thought of setting up an information and communication channel which would link up women across the world.

Their aim is to provide women and women's groups world wide with spaces and opportunities through which they could communicate, share information, experiences, ideas and analysis, and to network and forge links.They named the organization after Isis the Egyptian Goddess of Creation.

Over the years Isis has published a number of books.They publish a quarterly magazine called Women in Action and a monthly newsletter called Women Envision. The Isis resource center and library in Manila has an extensive collection of books, journal titles from all over the world, feature films and documentaries in VHS tapes and audio tapes of women music artists, women's arts and crafts collection.


Isis believes in women’s access and capacity to participate in generating and disseminating their own knowledge and experiences through various mediums of communication can lead to transformation of society. Isis is likewise committed to challenge inequities, stereotypes and cultural and political homogenization furthered by globalized media that hamper the realization of a more just, sustainable and humane world.


It is documenting feminists visions, creating critical communications and strengthening social movements for its campaign- KEEP MEDIA FREE.

Women in Action

One of the media that serves as a vehicle in the discursive analysis of community and independent media, gender and trade, global governance and social movements, cultural diversity and sexual well being within the context of the Asia Pacific region is the Women in Action (WIA). It is a triannual magazine publication of Isis International-Manila that circulated worldwide.




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