Isinilang Ko ang Anak ng Ibang Babae

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Isinilang Ko ang Anak ng Ibang Babae is a drama komiks novel written by Elena Patron, illustrated by Mar Santana and serialized in the pages of Pioneer Komiks in 1972. The story is about a woman who had to have her fetus transplanted to another womb after being assessed as not healthy enough to continue with pregnancy. This particular story focused on the newly discovered fetus transplantation and its implications.

Other Media

The novel was eventually adapted into film by Rosas Productions, a film outfit owned by Susan Roces. The movie was directed by Manuel Cinco and starred Pilar Pilapil, Boots Anson-Roa and Dante Rivero. In the 1972 FAMAS Awards, Pilar Pilapil and Manuel Cinco were each nominated for Best Actress and Best Director.[1]




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