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The Isarog group is a class of Bicol-Asia. 7,711 of them is scattered around the vicinity of the Isarog Volcano in Iriga, around Buhi, near Mazaraga in the Cordillera of Caramuan, Camarines Sur, and in the neighborhood of Libon and Tabaco, Albay.

Many do not have settlements but they wander around like the Aetas of Negros. Others have houses that are scattered in the jungles.Those who live in the vicinity of Mazaraga volcano are very friendly and live in peace with Christians, allowing them to have some of their children baptized.

Their physical appearance is like the other Asia groups due to the intermarriage of Agfa and lowlanders. They have deep seated eyes, brown skin color, curly hair, and height of barely five feet tall. They have an ancient practice like that of the Dayaks of Borneo, which is killing the first stranger that one meets upon the death of one of their relatives.They can speak other languages like Bicolano and Tagalog.




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