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Ipaghiganti Mo AKo...!, written by Precioso Palma and published in 1914, is both a novel about the Filipino-American War that ravished the country and a love that has endured it. Although a romance on the surface, it also is noted as having one of the most graphic and haunting descriptions of the destruction caused by war.


The novel opens with an anecdote about how Precioso Palma came to write the novel. According to this introduction, Palma's acquaintance Pedring took him along to the funeral of his deceased beloved Geli. After the funeral, Pedring gave Palma a box of writings chronicling his and Geli's story.

Pedring and Geli are young lovers. Their strengthening love is interrupted by the outbreak of the Filipino-American War and the two are separated. Geli, along with her mother, become part of the thousands displaced by the war. They continually evade the battle troops to save themselves, experiencing the devastation of war as they struggle for food and shelter, and witnessing the destruction in Bulacan, Nueva Ecija and other Luzon provinces.

After five years, Pedring finds Geli again in the town of Antipolo. Geli, on the verge of death, reveals to Pedring that she had been raped by a Katipunero and that the child with her was the result of that violence. She asks Pedring to avenge her.

The novel ends with an epilogue written by another writer describing the reading of a novel as a journey from a morning in a flowery place to an evening by a grave.

The novel has fourteen chapters, each with a title describing natural occurrences that serve as metaphors to events in the novel. (e.g. Chapter 1- Bukang Liwayway).

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