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Template:Infobox Organization Integrated Midwives Association of the Philippines, Inc. (IMAP, Inc.) is a non-profit, non stock, and non-governmental national organization of the registered midwives in the Philippines, accredited by the Professional Regulation Commission.


The practice of midwifery was first regulated in the Philippines with the enactment of Public No. 310 on December 4, 1901. The law created the Medical Board of Examiners which regulated both the medicine and midwifery professions. When Republic Act No. 2382, or the so called "Medical Act of 1959" was approved,the regulation of midwifery was separated from medicine. A Board of Examiners for Midwives was subsequently created with the enactment of Republic Act No. 2644 on June 18, 1960. And the first Board of Examiners were composed of honest and well-respected individuals. Mr.Valeriano B. Fugoso, Jr. acted as the Chairman while Vicenta Castro-Ponce and Atty. Angelina I. Ponce, as members. Before Dr. Jose Fabella founded the first school of midwifery in May 1922, midwifery as a profession was unknown. This school was named Maternity and Children's Hospital (now known as Dr. Jose Fabella Memorial Hospital). Dr. Fabella aimed to supplant the unlicensed midwives by training young women in midwifery. High school graduates were accepted to train in midwifery in one year. In 1947, a number of midwifery graduates from all over the country initiated an alumni association to improve the midwifery profession. The organization then was known as, the "Philippine Midwifery Association (PHIMIDAS)." It was headed by Atty. Angelina I. Ponce.

The PHIMIDAS held its first national convention sometime on August of 1961. It was an eventful occasion that brought togetherness among its member midwives. Eventually it resulted to the formation of the National Federation of Filipino Midwives(NFFM). The NFFM was formally registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) on August 22, 1961, jibing with the historian's birthday. It was professionally headed by Mrs.Leoncia Chuatoco with the passion and desire to promote more progressive midwifery profession, with the vision towards better health services to all Filipino people.

Thereafter, the midwifery profession had reached its high standard and its activities had increased in scope. As a result, a group of dynamic midwives recognized the need to organize an organization of midwives who could serve, train and provide health services and education among its colleagues and their respective communities.

The increase in memberships of both PHIMIDAS and NFFM had given birth to the integration of the two organizations. As a result, the Integrated Midwives Association of the Philippines (IMAP), Inc. was created and was accredited by the Professional Regulation Commission on September 5, 1975. It became the national organization of all registered midwives, but not compulsory. Anybody is free to practice the midwifery profession without joining the association. IMAP, Inc. was formally registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission on March 17, 1976.

In 1992, IMAP, Inc. launched the Scholarship Program to benefit the poor, but deserving children of bona fide IMAP members and the IMAP, Inc. Birthing Center for the poor and underscored pregnant mothers.

Additionally, the association worked for the distance learning, or open university program of the Bachelor of Science in Community Health Service at the "Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila" (PLM) and Trinity College, Quezon City. The IMAP Foundation School of Midwifery was opened, as a pilot school for the three-year community-based midwifery curriculum in Jaro, Iloilo City.

With the issuance by the Civil Service Commission of its Certificate of Accreditation on July 7, 1997, IMAP, Inc. became a full-pledged training institution for midwives on maternal and childcare. This created an opportunity for government-employed midwives to enhance their knowledge and skills in their work and to utilize the CSC accreditation for future placement.


IMAP, Inc. is committed to serve the Filipino people through an effective delivery of basic health services in the country. It also aims to elevate the standards of midwifery profession, provide continuing midwifery education and professional growth, foster and maintain the ideas of honesty, integrity and solidarity. It strives to conduct itself to be one of the best associations of the Philippines. It has a passion to achieve the highest ethical standard of the midwifery profession, whereby adhering to its belief of respecting all paradigms, innovative ideas, total transparency in all its dealings, and most important of all, submitting its annual report to all its members thru the different regional chapter presidents.

IMAP, Inc. will transform the old Filipino mindset, or way of thinking - that only the leaders are right and must always be followed. It welcomes new members (newly Registered Midwives) without any discrimination across the strata of social order. It believes in total honesty of all its member midwives, emphasizing more on "Service Above Self and Beyond the Call of Duty" and fairness in all its dealings, especially in implementing its "Continuing Professional Education" program (CPE). Furthermore,, IMAP, Inc. welcomes new bloods, as officers and directors to pave the way for strengthening the association, as one solid group where teamwork will be emphasized. The future new set of officers will consider problems as opportunities, flaws and imperfections as its strength to strive more for excellence.


1. Continuing Professional Education - this aims to improve the competency of midwives in the practice of their profession and give service that meets professional standards.

2. Scholarship Program - offers a Three-Year Midwiferey Program to deserving children of bonafide members of the association willing to take up the course at the IMAP Foundation School in Iloilo City.

3. Outreach Programs

a. Project ABCC - a joint project with the Philippine Obstetrical and Gynecological Society and NESTLE Philippines which has generated cancer awareness and conciousness among women and the importance of preventive health care.
b. Operation Tule - conducted in depressed areas for children whose parents cannot afford the operating costs and medicine for circumcision.
c. Christmas Gift-Giving - a yearly project since 1996. The organization conducts gift-giving program at depressed barangays in Guimaras.
d. Basic Life Support Program - a community health emergency preparedness and response program conducted for midwives to enable them to respond to emergencies in the community (initiated under the STOP DEATH program of the DOH).

Classification of Members

The members of the Association are classified as follows:

1.Active– are graduate registered midwives with a right to vote and participate.

2.Affiliate– are members of a graduating class, but with no voting privilege.

3.Associate – a registered nurse, a registered midwife and/or graduated a 4-year course degree in B.S.C. but has no right to vote.

4.Honorary – not necessarily a graduate registered midwife, but any individual who had rendered meritorious work in the past for the development of the midwifery profession, or assisted in the promotion of transparency - focusing more on the interest and welfare of the association.

5.Consultants- are husbands of member midwives who are lifetime members, owned at least one birthing home and not afraid to contradict the leadership, but most important of all the intention and the desire to professionalize the association.


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