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The Institute of Integrated Electrical Engineers of the Philippines, Incorporated (IIEE) is an organization of Electrical engineers that aims to instill excellence to Electrical Engineers and to give contribution to the development of the Philippines.

Vision and Mission

The organization envisions themselves to be the "best and most prestigious professional technical organization in the Philippines." Their mission is to work out through the realization of their vision and "To deliver high-quality services and products for the purpose of instilling excellence in the Electrical Practitioner, enhancing the Electrical Profession, and making a positive contribution to national development."


The organization has the following objectives:

  • To unite all registered electrical engineers ans master electricians into one national organization.
  • To promote the interest and protect the rights of all members in the exercise of the profession.
  • To foster and maintain high ethical standards.
  • To advance the technical knowledge and encourage technical cooperation among the members through exchange informations.
  • To promote ties and fellowship among members and with other engineers and other professions.
  • To cooperate with other technical and engineering societies in the Philippines.
  • To encourage the study of electrical engineering and to promote its practical applications.
  • To promote and encourage researches in electrical engineering and allied sciences.
  • To provide guidance to young electrical engineers and other practitioners.
  • To cooperate with the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC), and other government entities and associations for the continuous upgrading of electrical engineering practice and education.

Membership Requirements

  • Fellow - Conferred by the IIEE Board upon a person of outstanding qualification and experience in Electrical Engineering.
  • Senior - Life member for at least 5 years, with at least 10 years of active professional practice and with significant performance in engineering for at least 5 years whose application have been approved by the IIEE Board.
  • Honorary - Deserving persons, who have contributed to the welfare and advancement of the Institute, may be conferred honorary membership by the Board of Governors in accordance with guidelines to be established by the Board.
  • Life - Members who elect to subscribe to the IIEE Life membership plan.
  • Regular - Professional Electrical Engineers (PEE) and Registered Electrical Engineers (REE)
  • Associate - Registered Master Electrician
  • Auxilliary - Non-registered BSEE graduates (underboard)
  • Student - Electrical Engineering Student Chapter in the various recognized engineering schools who have complied with the membership requirements.
  • Lifetime Membership Fees
  • Regular Membership Fees and Dues

Industry Partners

The following stands as the partners of the organization:

Foreign Chapters

  • Brunei Chapter
  • Western Region Chapter-Saudi Arabia
  • Eastern Region Chapter-Saudi Arabia
  • Central Region Chapter-Saudi Arabia
  • State of Qatar
  • United Arab of Emirates

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