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The Institute of Electronics and Communications Engineers of the Philippines is an organization that offers assistance to the Electronics Engineers end the general public the expert professional services in the electronics, communications and allied engineering. It is an organization that supports the electronics and communications development in the Philippines.


The IECEP was organized in 1950 by the group of pioneers in the field of Electronics and Communications in the country. They were, Dean Jose S. Alfonso, who served as the founding president of the organization, Mamerto Buenafe, Fred Carino, Ciriaco Coronel, Jose Grey, Alfredo Gella, Ariston Hulinga, Gonzalo Kamantigue, Albino Lara and Venancio Pineda.

IECEP was registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission under the name of "Institute of Electronics Engineers of the Philippines, Inc." The organization still retains its acronym "IECEP."

Vision and Mission

The organization envisions "world-class organization of humane, competent, virtuous and globally-competitive electronics professionals." In line with this is their mission which is "To be the showcase of professional and technical development and a paradigm of excellence in applying the principles of electronics technology for the advancement of humanity".


The Vision and Mission of the organization is supported by the following objectives:

  • To promote professional development and competence among its members.
  • To institutionalize professionalism and ethical practice.
  • To preserve and enhance the social and moral stature of the profession.
  • To protect the rights and privileges of the members in their profession.
  • To promote general well-being of its members.
  • To provide infrastructure and resources for academic and career development programs.
  • To maunitain unity among Electronics and Communications professionals.
  • To increase membership and encourage the active participation of the members to the activities of the organization.
  • To recognize outstanding academic and professional achievements and contributions to the technical standards that affect the profession.
  • To validate complaints and assists affected parties for corrective measures against the violatetors of law, rules and regulations.
  • To cooperate, coordinate and assists government and non-government organizations in all matters relevant to the practices of the profession.
  • To exercise and safeguard the right to nominate candidates for the Board of Electronics and Communications Engineering from among its active members.
  • To initiate and participate in meaningful social, cultural and civic activities.
  • To develop and maintain harmonious relationship with international organizations.
  • To enhance public awareness about IECEP profession and disseminate the latest technological and regulatory information regarding their profession.


Regional Chapters

Student Chapters

Institutional Members

  • Isla Communications Co., Inc.
  • Computronix College
  • Wavetex Wandel Goltermann
  • Alejandro Colleges
  • Skycable Electronics & Communications Engineers Organization
  • Intel Philippines Manufacturing
  • Hewlett-Packard Philippines
  • Institute of Integrated Electrical Engineers of the Philippines (IIEE)
  • Societe International de Telecommunications
  • Aeronatiques
  • 3M Philippines
  • Alcatel Philippines
  • Siemens, Inc.
  • Locator International Telecom & Traders, Inc.
  • Institute of Electrical & Electronics Engineers (IEEE), Philippine Chapter
  • Telecommunications & Computer Technologies, Inc.




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