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The Inner Wheel Club of Caloocan was organized through the initiative of the late Past President of RC Caloocan, “Anong” Custodio on February 14, 1962, during the birthday celebration of his late wife “Charing”. The Inner Wheel Club’s motto is “Selflessness in friendship and service to humanity”. Abiding by this motto, the by-laws of the club and the felt needs of the community, the Inner Wheel Club of Caloocan extended multi-faceted programs and projects in the community.

Many of the continuing projects and programs of the club pertain to:


scholarship, in terms of financial assistance to cover cost of tuition fees and basic school supplies are awarded to deserving but needy high school students for four consecutive years if they maintain passing grades. This is given to selected students in some public high schools of the city; financial assistance to cover cost of supplies and materials for short vocational courses in cosmetology, dressmaking, electronics and high-speed sewing; support for continuing adult education by donating sewing machines to public schools, parishes and organizations with programs in dressmaking and sewing; book showers, book barrow, and book donations to public school libraries


free medical and dental services to children and adults in depressed areas of the community; in cooperation with other agencies, lectures on child care, first aid application and simple home medications; child feeding programs for chosen grade one children with nutritional deficiencies in some public schools. Cans of milk and money for nutri-buns are donated for these children; infant feeding programs in cooperation with health centers; in cooperation with Inner Wheel Clubs of the Philippines, Inc. “Tubig sa Baryo” deep wells are constructed in different schools and communities where no potatble water is available; in cooperation with the Red Cross, blood typing and blood letting; the construction of drinking fountains in different public schools in Kalookan;


lectures on meat processing and preservation for groups of women; lecture demonstration on fish-deboning; lectures on how housewives can begin a small business by cooking and selling merienda fares;


Giving of gifts on Christmas and oher special occasions to inmates of various charitable institutions in the community; the giving of donations to flood, fire and other conflagration of the community.




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