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The Iloilo Boathouse is a four-story white mansion owned by Eugenio H. Lopez Sr. The name "Boathouse" was given by his children. The mansion is a "modern affair, sleekly done in an art deco style" designed by Architect Fernando Ocampo Sr. located in Iloilo.


The "Boathouse" is composed of basic forms-- a play of massing and appropriate proportions. The quality of the architecture of the house can be compared with the architecture of Modern Movement in Europe and the United States. Its structure is modern even with the present standards. In the late 1930s, it was refurbished under the supervision of Pando Ocampo, the son of the original architect.


The designs of the house provide additional effects to its architectural excellence. These designs, especially the geometric designs, were used for architectural details. The austere walls are punctured by colored glass-covered opening. The main door, made of tall Philippine hardwood-and-glass, opens to a narrow foyer and leads to the spacious living room and the dining room. The main staircase is spiral and made of elegant wood. It leads to the bedrooms on the second floor. Another circular staircase made of magnificent steel connects the bedroom floor to the uppermost floor. At the interior of the house is 1930 furniture.

Boat Mansion

The house has been called "Boathouse" because it shares distinct features with a boat. According to one of the heirs, Oscar Lopez, the house looks like a battleship complete with portholes. The long veranda of the house can be compared to the viewing deck of the boat. The tower goes up to the fourth-floor viewing deck.


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