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Fray Ignacio de Santibañez, O.F.M. was the first Archbishop of Manila from 1596-1598. He served as bishop of Manila for 2-6 years.


Ignacio de Santibañez was born in Burgos, Spain. He obtained his fame as a very good speaker. He also became a preacher to King Philip II.

Archbishop of Manila

On August 30, 1595 he was appointed as Archbishop of Manila. A year after he was ordained as Archbishop of Manila. He also erected the Metrpolitan Cathedral with three suffragans: Cebu, Nueva Caceres, and Nueva Segovia by virtue of the Bull of Pope Clement VIII on August 14, 1595.


On August 14, 1598 he died of dysentery. His remains was buried in the cathedral. He served the archdiocese for only two months and four days.




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