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Pinoy Harry Potter (PHP), otherwise known as Hogwarts Philippines, is a community of Filipino Harry Potter (HP) fans established in 2001. Since then, PHP has been home to more than 1,000 Filipino HP fans from the Philippines and around the world; encompassing a broad age range (13-45 years old) and a wide spectrum of professions.

The community offers Filipino HP enthusiasts a venue to meet and share their love for J.K. Rowling’s famous boy wizard and his magical world. As an organization, PHP implements the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry system and functions like an academic unit. Members are sorted into Houses, aiming to earn points by participating in many of the organization’s activities. Like a typical school, Faculty members oversee the organization’s operations, and student leaders supervise members. What makes PHP unique, however, is that it takes Filipino cultural elements to heart and integrates those in its activities. Members can enroll in “classes” designed to promote the exploration of Filipino culture and mythology, while also aiming to help enhance their skills in selected areas like writing, art, and literature. Members manage to have fun too, during parties, movie-watching assemblies, and even sports competitions.

Most of the interaction among members happens online in PHP’s Forums, Mailing List, and Websites. However, the organization has managed to step outside the Internet to promote offline activities lthrough sportsfests and events like the “Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince” Launch Party last July 16, 2005 and the “Magic Works” outreach activity with the orphans of the Jesus Loves the Little Children Foundation last April 1, 2006.

PHP is also a member of the New Worlds Alliance of local science fiction and fantasy fan groups, the organization that spearheads the series of Philippine Science Fiction and Fantasy Conventions.

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