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Hiwaga ng Puso is a novel by Carlos Ronquillo published in the early American Occupation. Using the point-of-view of the female protagonist, the socio-historical events of that time were explored in junction with her own life's story.


Born to poor parents who died early, Concepcion Reyes, or Sion, is adopted by a good-hearted teacher. As a young woman, she goes to Manila to study as a colegiala at La Concordia, a convent school. She falls in love with Pedring, but after a misunderstanding, they separate. Padre Blas, her confessor, tells her false notions about the disorder happening in society. She is told that the enemies of Spain and the Church are the ones wreaking havoc. Later, she discovers that the priest has malicious plans about her. In the end, Sion and Pedring are reunited and they renew their love.


Just like many novels written in the early American Occupation, Hiwaga ng Puso makes a love story narrative flow along the narrative of the nation's history. Historical events are utilized as backdrops and sources of allegories to enrich and enliven the romantic theme or angle. Novels of the same period and technique include Bakas ng Himagsikan and Ipaghiganti Mo Ako...!. The reference to the abuse of priests of the confession box--using it to blackmail, harass, and brainwash women and even men--is also in Jose Rizal's Noli Me Tangere.

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