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Hindi Nahahati Ang Langit is a komiks novel serialized in the pages of Tagalog Klasiks from 1985 to 1986. It was written by Nerissa Cabral and illustrated by Louie Celerio[1].


Before Agnes and Ariston decided to marry, they were both widowed, and had a child each, Melody and Noel. However, their children Melody and Noel, has been at each other's throats ever since their family was made whole. Their whole lives revolved around fighting and bickering. Time passed and the two children each had their own separate lives, married and had their own families. In the end, Melody and Noel would realize that they were destined to find true love in each other's heart.

Other Media


The story was adapted into film by director Mike de Leon in 1985. The movie starred Lorna Tolentino as Melody, Christopher de Leon as Noel, Dina Bonnevie as Cynthia (Noel's wife), Edu Manzano as Ronald (Melody's husband), Gloria Romero as Agnes and Nestor de Villa as Ariston[2]. It was claimed that this movie was the best[3] komiks to film translation to date and it galvanized[3] the stature of Edu Manzano as an actor, holding his own opposite Christopher De Leon.


In 2007, ABS-CBN adapted the movie into a TV series entitled Walang Kapalit[4]. The production was helmed by director Wenn Deramas and stars Claudine Baretto as Melanie, Piolo Pascual as Noel, Jodi Sta. Maria as Cynthia, Bobby Andrews as Ronald, Dina Bonnevie as Agnes and Edu Manzano as Ariston[5].

Film vs TV


  • Edu Manzano and Dina Bonnevie offers continuity between the original film and the TV series by playing the roles played by Nestor de Villa and Gloria Romero respectively[3].
  • The young Melody/Melanie broke a glass figurine in both versions. In the end, Melody/Melanie also gave Noel a glass figurine as a gift, as pictured in a scene seen in the trailers of the TV series[6]


  • The TV series title "Walang Kapalit" was derived from the original theme song of the original film version [7]
  • The name of the female lead in the TV version is Melanie, as opposed to the original film's lead character Melody.
  • In the movie, nobody gets pregnant or goes to jail. In Piolo Pascual's music video of the theme song ,it was shown that Melody will get pregnant and go to jail[6].
  • In the movie, the character Cynthia is naive as opposed to the TV version's aggressive Cynthia. Also, Cynthia in the movie is from Baguio and not from Australia[6].

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